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Serendipity3's $200 "Creme de la Creme Pommes Frites
Serendipity3Serendipity3's $200 "Creme de la Creme Pommes Frites

Serendipity3 creates the world's most expensive fries

Chipperbeck Potatoes are blanched in Dom Perignon Champagne

Written by
Melissa Kravitz Hoeffner

Following a grand reopening after a year-plus of closure, Serendipity3 is leaping back into decadence. For National French Fry Day, July 13, the iconic midtown restaurant secured a spot in the Guinness Book of World Records for creating the world's most expensive French fries.

Known as the Creme de la Creme Pommes Frites, this $200 side of fries is now available to taste at Serendipity3, with advance request with your reservation. 

So what makes these frites worth the hefty price tag? The dish starts out with high-quality Chipperbeck potatoes blanched in Dom Perignon Champagne and J. LeBlanc French Champagne Ardenne Vinegar (as opposed to you know, regular tap water.) Once the potatoes are cooked, they're then cooked three times in pure goose fat, sourced from cage-free geese raised in Southwest France. The crispy frites are then seasoned with hand-harvested Gurande truffle salt and tossed in Urbani summer truffle oil.

To add to the decadence, the fries are then topped with cheese, a shaved Crete Senesi Pecorino Tartufello, made of milk from sheep that graze on the clay-rich hills of Crete Senesi, and dotted with black truffles foraged from valleys and forests in Volterra and Miniato, Italy. To accentuate the truffles, the fries are then topped with shaved Black Summer Truffles from Umbria, Italy.

Of course, ketchup just won't cut it for this bucket of fries—did we mention the bucket is actually a Baccarat crystal Arabesque plate and bowl. Instead, patrons can dip their fries in a side of Mornay sauce made with organic Udder Cream from 100% grass-fed Jersey cows, black truffle butter and gruyere truffled Swiss raclette.

The entire dish is sprinkled with 23K edible gold dust, because why not make this totally over-the-top!

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