Snickers are officially New York’s favorite candy

Find out which other treats made the list.

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Delivery platform Grubhub just put to rest seemingly endless conversations about New Yorkers' predilection for certain candies. In fact, by analyzing millions of orders from local convenience stores, the site has come up with a list of the top 10 most beloved candies across town. 

Snickers, the addicting Mars chocolate bar made with nougat, caramel, peanuts and milk chocolate, lands at the top of the list. It seems like we really love our chocolate because Twix, the caramel shortbread chocolate bar also by Mars that was probably a staple of your childhood years, ranks at number two.

Below, check out the top ten list:

  1. Snickers

  2. Twix

  3. Skittles

  4. Reese’s peanut butter cups

  5. M&M’s

  6. Gummy bears

  7. Chex mix

  8. Kit Kat

  9. Starburst

  10. Sour Power Straws

Grubhub's survey also gave rise to a ranking of NYC's favorite snacks (Kettle chips reign supreme, followed by Doritos, Cheetos, gummy bears and Hot fries), our most beloved beverages (iced coffee is at number one—duh!—followed by Gatorade, spring water, Snapple and hot coffee) and our top local convenience stores.

We'd be remiss not to look at that last point in more depth. According to the delivery service, the most popular local convenience store is Duke Ellington Gourmet Deli on the Upper West Side. Bread and Butter, with plenty of locations all around town, comes in second followed by 7-Eleven, another pretty conspicuous entry.

Here is the top ten:

  1. Duke Ellington Gourmet Deli

  2. Bread & Butter

  3. 7-Eleven

  4. Savory Deli & Grocery

  5. 7 Brothers Famous Deli

  6. East Village Farm & Grocery

  7. NY Grill & Deli

  8. Steinway Gourmet Deli

  9. Skyline Gourmet Deli

  10. Brooklyn Standard

But back to candy: if this post has activated your sweet tooth, as it has ours, we suggest heading to some of the city's top candy destinations to get yourself some treats before the weekend begins. 

Find a thorough list of stores right here, including the iconic Economy Candy. And, if you're searching for something a bit out of the ordinary, consider ordering a massive gourmet peanut butter cup from 4AM CANDY CO., a Park Slope resident's relatively new (and delicious!) business idea that is sure to delight you.

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