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Sunrise over the Empire State Building
Photograph: Courtesy CC/Flickr/Anthony Quintano

Starting this week, you can watch the sunrise from the Empire State Building

Annalise Mantz
Written by
Annalise Mantz

Talk about the city that never sleeps: New Yorkers will need to wake up long before daylight to take advantage of this tour.

For the first time this season, visitors can ascend the Empire State Building to watch the sunrise on Friday. The Empire State Building Sunrise Experience allows sightseers up to the 86th floor before dawn, giving them the opportunity to take in the 360-degree views as the sun appears on the horizon. The $100 tickets are only offered on select dates and in limited quantities, so it’s best to book in advance. Just think of the Instagram opportunities! 

This time of year, you’ll have to arrive at 5am so you can be in position to catch the sunrise at precisely 5:32am. If you can’t bring yourself to wake up that early, just wait a few months: In October, visitors don’t have to show up until 6:45am to watch the sky light up at 7:11am.

Trust us: The views are worth the early wake-up call. But if you can’t face the thought of an early morning without caffeine, fork over an extra $25 for a prix-fixe breakfast and coffee at STATE Grill and Bar.

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