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The Croffle, a croissant waffle hybrid, has arrived

The Cronut trend will never die.

Melissa Kravitz Hoeffner
Written by
Melissa Kravitz Hoeffner

A new Flushing bakery has introduced New York's latest hybrid dessert trend: The Croffle.

The waffle-shaped croissant hails from South Korea, where it was a pre-pandemic fad in Seoul, and is now available at the new bakery, Croffle House, in Queens. 

Croffle House co-founder William Ham told Eater NY that while the Korean market for the Croffle was originally “very small... Now, it’s everywhere.” He learned to make the croffle from friends, and serves the pastry with both sweet and savory toppings at his bakery. Croffle House's creations include a croffles with strawberries or cubed mango with whipped cream, Nutella banana croffles, croffles with maple syrup and a basil pesto croffle served with crushed pepper. 

Naturally, now that the croffle and all its buttery deliciousness (and Instagramability) has landed stateside, it's only a matter of time (days? minutes?) before riffs appear in bakeries across the city, ala Dominique Ansel's everlasting cronut. And let's not forget the short-lived cruffin (a croissant-muffin that well, why?). 

Already, Whitestone's Coffee Monster has introduced its own version of the croffle and Flushing's Cafe Auberdale has had its own croffle on the menu since last fall. Afternoon, a Queens coffee shop and mochi doughnut bakery with several Manhattan locations expected to open this year, has listed a "Croffle Haus" coming soon on its website. 

Of course anyone with access to a par-cooked croissant can try their hand at pressing the buttery dough in a waffle iron and seeing what happens... viral TikTok tutorials already exist! 

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