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The first snow of the season is expected to hit NYC next week

Adam Goldman

How are we enjoying fall so far? Did you get an apple cider donut at the farmers market? Did you get your light (light!!) sweaters out of storage? Do you live somewhere where foliage is a thing? Well too bad, because no sooner has autumn arrived than it’s apparently going to be giving us the cold shoulder. Like, really cold: We could be in for some wintry mix as soon as Tuesday. (Update: The forecast has changed for next week since this post was initially published, but it still looks like we're in for a lot of slushy cold!)

This despite reports from the NOAA that New York is in for a warmer-than-usual winter, almost as if we’re in the midst of some sort of—stop me if you’ve heard this one—gradual but perceptible shift of our whole ecosystem. Weird, right?

The first snow of the year is always special in New York. “This is beautiful!” you will think as slush begins to puddle on subway steps, flakes accumulate on the shoulders of your jacket that you really shouldn’t get wet but you didn’t know it was going to snow when you left the house this morning, and someone will write “lol it’s snowing” in your group text. Ah, life!

Anyway: looks like winter is basically here so be prepared. Wear the jacket that you can get wet. Keep a weather eye on your favorite weather app because honestly? Who knows anymore. (It was also supposed to snow later this week on Thursday and Friday but apparently not anymore.) We’re fans of the National Weather Service NY Twitter account, personally.

Farewell, fall. We hardly knew you.


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