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The Mayoral Pie-mary: Here's where candidates like to get their pizza

From Eric Adams to Andrew Yang, see who eats their pizza with a fork (hint: no one)

Shaye Weaver
Written by
Shaye Weaver

If we learned anything during the current NYC mayoral administration it's that where and how you eat your pizza determines a lot about how much of a New Yorker you really are.

In 2014, the mayor was mocked for the way he ate his pizza at a Staten Island pizza parlor—with a fork and knife—spurring on #forkgate and rumblings that this was his "first mistake as mayor," according to the New York Times.

Since then, the mayor has somewhat redeemed himself by scarfing down a slice during a recent press conference, in which he unveiled results of an official pizza-topping referendum to get New Yorkers to practice using ranked-choice voting. He did get some criticism for admitting that his favorite topping is green peppers but he did say "pineapple doesn't belong on pizza," and we have to agree.

Let's face it: knowing where and how a mayoral candidate eats their pie can give insight into what kind of human they are. Are they a folder or a fork user? Do they get pineapple or pepperoni on their pies? The answers are very important.

We reached out to all the candidates so we could find out before we all cast our ballots. The nine candidates who answered are on the record below for our Mayoral Pie-mary:

Paperboy Prince

Favorite pizza spot: OMG Pizza "because I like the name and it's right next to The Love Gallery and a bunch of other kool Bushwick hangouts."

Runner up: Cuts & Slices NYC "They have some of the best and most creative slices in Brooklyn and very rare drinks too."

How they eat their pizza: "I eat pizza by slamming my face into the slice while it's on the table. Haha Paper, Yeah!"

Scott Stringer

Favorite pizza spot: Patsy’s Pizzeria in El Barrio

Favorite type of slice: Mushroom slice

How he eats his pizza: "Folded like a pro!"

Eric Adams

Favorite pizza spot: Screamer's Pizza, the vegan pizza spot

Favorite type of slice: Artichoke pie

How he eats his pizza: He folds it first.

Dianne Morales

Favorite pizza spot: Not Ray's on Fulton Street

Favorite type of slice: Peppers and onions

How she eats her pizza: "Not like Mayor De Blasio," so we assume utensil-less.

Andrew Yang

Favorite pizza spot: Corner Slice

Favorite type of slice: He did not reveal his favorite type (how mysterious) 

How he eats his pizza: Folded.

Ray Mcguire

Favorite pizza spot: Listed in his phone as "Leo's Pizza" because it is his 8-year-old son, Leo's, favorite place, his favorite is Little Italy on 71st and Broadway.

Favorite type of slice: A classic cheese slice with a good sauce.

How he eats his pizza: "Like any true New Yorker—certainly not with a fork and knife." Ouch.

Art Chang

Favorite pizza spot: Lombardi's in Soho

Favorite type of slice: He doesn't do slices, but his favorite pizza is the clam pie.

How he eats his pizza: "Folded (NO FORK), with extra crushed red pepper."

Maya Wiley

Favorite pizza spot: San Remo Pizzeria

Favorite type of slice: Pepperoni

How she eats her pizza: Undisclosed 

Kathryn Garcia

Favorite pizza spot: Pino's Pizza

Favorite type of slice: She "loves a plain slice"

How she eats her pizza: "In true New Yorker style" she folds her pizza to eat it. 

We can't tell you how to vote, but the NYC mayor should have a local pizza spot with a favorite topping and, obviously, fold like a champ.

If all this talk about slices and toppings has got your stomach rumbling, you might want to venture out of your apartment today and indulge in some good ol' New York pizza featuring whatever additional ingredients your palate is craving. In case you need some guidance here is our very carefully curated list of the 29 best pizzas in New York.

Happy voting!

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