The new Statue of Liberty Museum needs a whole lot of money to get finished

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David Goldberg

America's first drag superstar, the Statue of Liberty, is looking to her fans for a little zhuzh. Although you still can't clock the 143-year-old diva for her look, her museum is another matter. That's why the Indiegogo campaign For Lady Liberty just launched to raise funds for the Statue of Liberty Museum, which has been in construction for just over a year. 

The campaign seeks to raise $50,000 for the 2019 launch of the museum, which will look back on Lady Liberty's most gag-worthy looks and moments on her journey from French fish to globally-beloved icon. The educational hub will also house the statue's original torch and the Liberty Star mural.

With a month left to make those coins, the campaign isn't doing too badly, having raised more than $16,000 of the $50,000 goal on Tuesday afternoon. The push is suggesting a donation of $18.86 to honor the year that Ms. Thing first robe-and-revealed onto the national main stage. Any donors who match that amount or give more will be added to the museum's digital Founder's Registry and get shout-outs on social media. Major donors will be invited to the museum's opening—which sounds a lot like the last 30 minutes of X-Men

According to Curbed, the Statue of Liberty has been relying on her fans for cash since the very beginning. In 1885, Joseph Pulitzer asked readers to donate funds to complete the Lady's first look, raising more than $100,000 (which was a lot back then). And for the 1986 centennial, the Statue of Liberty-Ellis Island Foundation raised over $6 million for touch-ups. As colleagues of the statue Monique Heart and Chi Chi Devayne can tell you, drag ain't cheap!

You can learn more and contribute to the Indiegogo campaign here. And can we get this bitch to make an appearance at Bushwig? Can you imagine the gag? 

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