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The NYC subway’s on-time performance hit a new low this year

Will Gleason
Written by
Will Gleason

According to a new report, you had about the same odds of your train being delayed this past January as you do of getting a cup of non-burnt coffee from Dunkin’ Donuts: 50/50.

Just 58.1 percent of weekday trains recorded an on-time performance during the first month of the year, which means they reached their last stop within five minutes of their scheduled arrival time. Not great, Bob!

New York City Transit said the increased levels of delays were due in part to the rough weather we’ve been having this winter, which has negatively affected equipment throughout the system. So it turns out New York snowflakes really do suck.

Andy Byford, president of NYC Transit, also announced that they would begin looking into the effect of “signal timers” on the system, which restrict the speed of trains, after a recent Village Voice investigation on their use. Byford admitted the timers were having an “impact on subway capacity” and said the agency was now analyzing installation sites at 37 points throughout the system. 

On 10 subway lines, fewer than half of the trains arrived on time. The worst offender was the F train, which had an on-time performance of just 32.3 percent, followed by the C line at 34.7, the 2 line at 37.3, the A line at 38.1 and the 4 line at 38.3. There were a total of 105 incidents that disrupted weekday service throughout the month with a whopping 76,237 delayed trains.

Meanwhile, for some dreary comparison, Atlanta’s Marta rail system has a 96.7 percent on-time rate and Chicago’s L-train system runs at 95 percent. 

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