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Cabin Bar
Photograph: Courtesy of Instagram/qualitymeats_

This new midtown bar only fits two people

You'll be able to call on your personal bartender with a buzzer!

Anna Rahmanan
Written by
Anna Rahmanan

When it comes to "exclusive" drinking experiences, folks seem to migrate towards speakeasy-style bars, which are booming around town once again. But we're here to turn your attention to what seems like an even more special imbibing destination: a bar that only fits two customers inside of it at once.

Cabin Bar
Photograph: Courtesy of Cabin Bar

Cabin Bar is a two-seat private bar built right outside of Quality Meats on West 58th Street and Sixth Avenue. The eclectic destination was created by Quality Branded founder Michael Stillman and beverage director Bryan Schneider. 

Although securing a free reservation shouldn't be too hard just yet (you'll just have to email with your request), we expect word to get out relatively quickly so you'll want to reach out as soon as you can. 

Once inside, the pair of guests will get to order drinks and food from a personal bartender who will be accessible by buzzer since he'll be running to and from the restaurant all night.

The cocktail menu includes regular suspects like an Old Fashioned and an espresso martini but what mostly packs a punch is the collection of "Old Dusties" on offer, which are bottles of spirits that Schneider himself sourced from around the world and are at least 30 to 40 years old each. These include a very rare Japanese blended malt whiskey from the 1970s, the predecessor to the classic Johnny Walker Blue and a Beam's special reserve that was aged 101 months and released in the 1980s. Each one is served in a neat two-finger pour or, as the menu cheekily notes, "ruined at your pleasure in a suggested cocktail."

Can you even think of a more New York-kind of bar at the moment? That's what we thought.

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