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This New Yorker found a second apartment behind her own apartment

...and none of us are surprised.

Anna Rahmanan
Written by
Anna Rahmanan

In just about any other city in the world, the story we're about to relay would most definitely be met with spasms of surprise, incredulity and shock. But, alas, we live in New York, one of the oddest real estate experiments on planet Earth. So when we heard about a New Yorker randomly finding a second apartment behind her own apartment's bathroom mirror, well, we weren't really surprised.

Samantha Hartsoe is a 26-year-old who lives in what she thought of as a three-bedroom apartment on Roosevelt Island with two roommates. About a week ago, after returning from a hiking trip, she noticed a draft in her bathroom. Documenting her discovery on TikTok in a four-part video that went viral this week, Hartsoe started investigating the source of the cold air. Turns out, the draft was coming from her bathroom mirror.

Take a look: 

After removing said mirror, she noticed a hole in the wall—perhaps where the medicine cabinet used to be? Peeking through the rather large hole, she glimpsed an entire room hiding behind it. Since this is New York, where any sort of extra space demands to be looked at, Hartsoe put on a face mask, grabbed a hammer, strapped on a flashlight and actually climbed through the hole. 

Turns out, the space she saw behind her mirror was much more than a single room. It was an entire apartment filled with "signs of life." From empty water bottles to trash bags, the living quarters didn't seem entirely desolate—although the courageous New Yorker did notice the absence of a bathtub, a toilet and even some floors. 

Perhaps most interestingly, once exiting the newly found apartment through its main entrance, Hartsoe noticed a hallway that wasn't exactly reminiscent of her own. To get back home, she had to walk her way through parts of the building she wasn't familiar with. 

Hartsoe obviously contacted the complex's management to get to the bottom of her discovery—so we do expect the saga to continue in upcoming days.

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