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Unregular Pizza
Photograph: Courtesy of Unregular Pizza

This pumpkin-looking burrata dish at Unregular Pizza is absolutely insane

It is (aptly) called a Halloween Burrapumpkin.

Anna Rahmanan
Written by
Anna Rahmanan

By now, New Yorkers are familiar with the creative flair that defines just about anything that takes place at Unregular Pizza, the pandemic-born pop up that developed into a brick-and-mortar destination in Union Square back in 2021. 

Just in time for Halloween, the pizzeria has created a new dish aptly dubbed Halloween Burrapumpkin that consists of a whole burrata dressed up as a pumpkin-looking bread with pumpkin cream and guanciale (cured Italian pork for the uninitiated) pebbles inside of it.

Available only this upcoming weekend and on Halloween Day, the delicacy costs $10.31 plus tax. Yes, the price is an homage to the spooky holiday as well.

At first glance, the dish looks like a bigger-than-usual garlic knot with some bits of meat inside of it but, upon closer inspection, it is clear that diners will get to revel in a culinary masterpiece that oozes cheese and a paste-like pumpkin filling that gives the entire thing the sort of tasteful kick that makes eating the Burrapumpkin a memorable experience.

Here's a video showing off what the treat is all about. Fair warning: you'll want to run to Unregular Pizza to try it for yourself:

While at the shop, you might as well try a couple of slices but also order the iconic burrapizza (our favorite is the one with truffled mushrooms). Basically a square slice with a whole burrata on top of it, it is the menu item that the pizzeria is mostly known for. 

As a refresher, Unregular Pizza was started by 30-something Gabriele Lamonaca, an Italian-born Harlem resident that dished out pizzas from his apartment for a year in exchange for other homemade food and drink goods during the peak of the pandemic.

Lamonaca eventually turned his very successful barter endeavor into an actual restaurant that he runs in partnership with Salvatore Gagliardo, a pizza and pastry chef. The staff still sets up one trade at 4pm daily and notifies customers of its happening through a bell. How fun?

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