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pizza rat
Image: @jonothonlyons

Watch a video of a human pizza rat in the subway

The classic viral clip now has a surreal remake.
Written by
Will Gleason

Earlier this week, a New Yorker with a flair for drama woke up, stared into a mirror and said, “Today’s the day. Today is the day I dress up like a giant rat and make my way to the N, Q, R, W platform to haul a giant fake slice of pizza up the stairs.” And so it was.

At least, that’s what we assumed happened after watching a new video that’s gone viral over the last 24 hours. In it, a rat-costumed performer with flexible knees reenacts the defining cinematic achievement of our time, “Pizza Rat.” 

As the rat person hauls their oversized pizza up the stairs using nothing but their prodigious jaw, a spectator is sent climbing over the railing and on to the platform below. On the other side of the stairwell, fellow commuters pass by while checking out the stunt, and a relatively empty train pulls into the station. (Apparently, Human Pizza Rat had arrived on a previous train.)

The video was the work of performance artist Jonothon Lyons, who also goes by the alias, “Buddy the Rat.” In addition to his more referential work, he’s captured himself in full rat costume at sites across the city including Times Square, the Brooklyn Bridge and in some dicier situations involving rat traps. Good thing those weren’t baited with pizza because he’d probably be a goner by now.

Whatever you think of the most recent stunt, at least we can all agree that it’s a good thing he was wearing a mask in the subway.

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