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Wear a hat and get half-priced cocktails at one of NYC’s best rooftop bars

Refinery Hotel
Photograph: Courtesy Refinery Hotel

Monday, January 15, is National Hat Day and, by way of celebration, Refinery Hotel's rooftop bar is offering half-priced specialty cocktails to anyone wearing a hat. ANY. HAT.

"Wool beanie, baseball cap, newsboy cap, any hat," explained Morgan Shapiro, a publicist for the event. "Even a fedora if you want to wear a fedora."

The discount, which you literally need to keep under your hat, runs from the bar's opening at 11:30am through 2am. It applies to two drinks, which will be $8 instead of the usual $16. The Fedora is a tall mescal mix of anise, ginger, pineapple and tamarind. The Fascinator, the other cocktail in the deal, is a lighter cleaner spritz: Aperol, gin and seltzer water topped by a cherry.

Of course, you might have National Hat Day off because it is also Martin Luther King Day. And for those of you who aren't hat people or look terrible in hats—don't play like you don't know who you are!—you're totally welcome to go to Refinery's rooftop anyway and pay $16, keeping in mind his words of wisdom: “I would rather die in abject poverty with my convictions than live in inordinate riches with the lack of self respect.”

But, real talk: a sombrero or ushanka would slay on Instagram.

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I'll have a kerosene heater please