You can now nurse your hangover with a poolside IV drip in Hudson Yards

Courtesy of Equinox.

Anna Rahmanan
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Anna Rahmanan
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Equinox pool
Photograph: Courtesy of Equinox

We think we might have just found the official cocktail of the summer: Equinox's IV vitamin drip served poolside on the terrace of its Hudson Yards location.

Although you might first think of this as the traditional hangover remedy IV drip, Equinox is actually offering a broader NutriDrip menu that could confer you other extraordinary powers. Think pre-workout energy boosts, for example, or a vitamin cocktail meant to recover your muscles after a harsh training session. The staff will also offer a concoction meant to support immunity after a long weekend out East perhaps. 

There will, of course, also be nurses on site to make sure that everything runs smoothly and that all your questions can be properly addressed. The experts will also help you select the ideal menu option for your needs.

You'll be able to get the drip at the Equinox Hotel in Hudson Yards and at the gym's East 74th Street location, but the company is also planning on rolling out the offering across the country.

According to NutriDrip's site, studies indicate that 90% of Americans have a nutritional deficiency that even oral supplementation can't necessarily help with. Over time, reads the site, a consistent IV drip protocol can lead to increased energy levels, reduced inflammation, faster recovery time from injury and illness, a strengthened immune system, glowing skin, a detoxified liver, balanced hydration and an overall boosted metabolism. A win-win-win that will cost you between $140 and $660, depending on what drip you choose to go with.

We, of course, wouldn't suggest you try something unless we did it first—which is why we urge you to take a look at our 2015 piece about a then-new miracle hangover cure right here. Spoiler alert: it totally worked.

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