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Battle of the Burger 2014: Vote here

Got a strong opinion on the city’s best burger? Of course you do, you’re a New Yorker!

Burgers: they're just a slab of meat in a bun, each indistinguishable from the next, right? WRONG. (And get out of our city). As New Yorkers, we will happily argue our case on any given topic, and that goes double for food-related debates. Right now, we're arguing over who makes the absolute best burger in all of NYC, and we want your vote. Whether you're a diehard loyalist for your local neighborhood joint, or someone who travels an hour across town to get that one perfect bacon cheeseburger with the fried egg on top and extra hot sauce, we want to know who makes your #1 patty. Check out our list of Battle of the Burger 2014 finalists below and tell us which makes your mouth the happiest. BUY TICKETS NOW!
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Where is Umami Burger?????