Somtum Der opens in the East Village

Khon Kaen native Thanaruek "Eh" Laoraowirodge spotlights northeastern Thai cuisine at this Bangkok import.
 (Photograph: Paul Wagtouicz)
Photograph: Paul WagtouiczSomtum Der
 (Photograph: Paul Wagtouicz)
Photograph: Paul WagtouiczPeek kai (chicken-wing soup) at Somtum Der
 (Photograph: Paul Wagtouicz)
Photograph: Paul WagtouiczSa poak kai tod der (deep-fried chicken thigh) at Somtum Der
 (Photograph: Paul Wagtouicz)
Photograph: Paul WagtouiczTum Thai kai kem (papaya salad with salted egg) at Somtum Der
 (Photograph: Paul Wagtouicz)
Photograph: Paul WagtouiczGrilled sticky rice at Somtum Der
 (Photograph: Paul Wagtouicz)
Photograph: Paul WagtouiczMool nue ding kati sod (coconut-milk-marinated pork skewers) at Somtum Der
 (Photograph: Paul Wagtouicz)
Photograph: Paul WagtouiczSteamed rice at Somtum Der
 (Photograph: Paul Wagtouicz)
Photograph: Paul WagtouiczSomtum Der
 (Photograph: Paul Wagtouicz)
Photograph: Paul WagtouiczSomtum Der
 (Photograph: Paul Wagtouicz)
Photograph: Paul WagtouiczSomtum Der
By Christina Izzo |

With joints like Uncle Boons and Zabb Elee highlighting northeastern Thai plates, New York’s had a schooling in Isan cuisine—now, add this new import to the hit list. Khon Kaen native Thanaruek “Eh” Laoraowirodge spins off his Bangkok flagship to the East Village with this 65-seat spot. Bypassing the sweeter style of the country’s Central Plain, he focuses on the funkier somtum der, a northeastern green papaya salad, commonly made with fermented crab, salted egg or barbecued chicken. Diners can watch the papayas being shred to order at a somtum bar in the wood-clad space, which is also decorated with poppy-red stools and light fixtures made from sticky-rice baskets. Beyond the namesake dish, the menu treks through regional specialties, categorized by their cooking method: deep-fried (fried chicken thighs), grilled (coconut-milk-marinated pork skewers) and the minced meat salad larb (catfish, duck, pork). To quell the heat, there’s Thai tea panna cotta and tropical drinks, including juices (lemongrass, roselle), Singha beer cocktails, and a martini infused with kafir lime leaf and toasted rice. See the full menu below. 85 Ave A between 5th and 6th Sts (212-260-8570)


Tum Thai Kai Kem, $11
Thai spicy papaya salad with salted egg

Tum Thai, $10
Original-style Thai spicy papaya salad

Tum Suo Der, $9
Der-style papaya salad with sweet chili sauce

Tum Poo - Plara, $10
Original Isan papaya salad in fermented fish sauce (planar) and field crabs

Tum Pla Too + Kao Mun, $11
Thai mackerel in papaya salad served with coconut rice

Tum Kor Moo Yang, $10
Spicy papaya salad mixed with grilled pork neck meat

Tum Muo, $10
Isan-style papaya salad with fermented fish (planar) mixed with moo yor and nam

Tum Mangasvirat, $8
Vegetarian papaya salad

Sai Krok Isan, $7
Fried Isan sausages

Moo Yor Tod Khon Kaen, $8
Fried Khon Kaen's pork roll

Moo Dad Dieo, $7
Deep-fried sun-dried pork

Nue Dad Dieo, $8
Deep-fried sun-dried beef

Nam Sod, $9
Marinated raw pork sausages

H'ordeurves Der, $12

Por Pia Larb Moo, $7
Deep-fried spicy pork spring roll

Larb Tod, $8
Deep-fried spicy minced pork

Moo Ping Kati Sod, $10
Grilled coconut milk marinated pork skewers

Nue Rong Hai Der + Khao Ji, $9
House special grilled marinated beef

Moo Rong Hai Der + Khao Ji, $8
House special grilled marinated pork

Tom Saab Kradook On, $12
Spicy Isan pork cartilage soup

Super Peek Kai, $10
Spicy chicken wing soup

Gaeng Om Kai, $11
Chicken soup with local herbs, Isan-style

Tom Klong Pla Dook Yang, $13
Local Isan spicy grilled catfish soup

Larb Moo, $9
Spicy minced pork salad with green vegetables and chilis

Larb Pla Dook Yank, $13
Spicy minced grilled catfish salad

Larb Ped, $11
Spicy minced duck salad with green vegetables and chilis

Soup Nor Mai, $9
Boiled bamboo shoot cooked with traditional Isan herbs

Nam Tok Moo, $9
Grilled pork spicy salad mixed with roasted minced rice

Nam Tok Nue, $10
Grilled beef spicy salad mixed with roasted minced rice

Goong Chae Nam Pla, $11
Thai prawn sashimi with house special green chili sauce

Koi Goong, $11
Soft-boiled prawns mixed with fresh herbs and minced roasted rice

Larb He'd Kao Kuo, $8
Minced mushroom salad with peppermint, lime and freshly roasted rice

Kao Pad Goong, $11
Fried rice with prawns, meat and eggs

Khao Pad Kraprao Moo, $12
Fried pork with Thai basil mixed with rice

Khao Pad Nam Prik Pao Pla Sa Lid, $11
Spicy fried rice with crispy leaf fish

Vegetarian Fried Rice, $10
Fried rice with an assortment of vegetables and mushrooms

Khao Moo Tod Kratiam Prik Thai, $10
Fried garlic pork with jasmine rice

Kuay Tieo Pad See Eiw Talay, $12
Thai-style fried flat noodles with shrimp and calamari

Pad Thai Mun Poo, $15
Special pad thai made with crabmeat and crab paste in home-style sauce

Khao Klook Ka Pi, $12
Jasmine rice seasoned with fermented shrimp paste, served with shredded eggs, barbecued pork and green mayo

Pad Ki Mao Pork & Basil, $11
Spicy flat rice noodles, wok-fried with ground pork and crispy basil leaves

Chef's Signature Wok-fried Seafood Suki, $12
Wok-fried rice vermicelli with seafood, vegetables and our signature suki sauce

Yum Nue Lai, $10
Sliced marinated beef shank, tossed with spicy dressing and garnished with garlic oil

Yum Tra Krai Sardine, $10
Sardines mixed with lemongrass, tomato sauce, herbs and spices in chili dressing

Yum Crispy Leaf Fish, $9
Chunks of crispy leaf fish in spicy dressing

Yum Moo Yaw, $8
Vietnamese pork sausage salad in spicy lime dressing

Yum He'd Yank Prik Whan, $9
Grilled eryngii mushrooms and bell peppers in light spicy sauce

Yum Goong Yang, $11
Chunks of grilled prawns tossed with cucumber, shallots, tomatoes and spicy dressing

Snow Ice with Syrup, $6

Black Jelly with Fresh Milky, $6

Taro in Condensed Coconut Milk, $6

Thai Tea Panna Cotta, $7

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