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  1. Photograph: Krista Schlueter
    Photograph: Krista Schlueter

    Spicy tomato-coconut chicken at Falansai

  2. Photograph: Krista Schlueter
    Photograph: Krista Schlueter

    Shrimp rolls at Falansai

  3. Photograph: Krista Schlueter
    Photograph: Krista Schlueter

    Claypot catfish at Falansai

  4. Photograph: Krista Schlueter
    Photograph: Krista Schlueter

    Steamed bass at Falansai

  5. Photograph: Krista Schlueter
    Photograph: Krista Schlueter

    Vegan crepe at Falansai

  6. Photograph: Krista Schlueter
    Photograph: Krista Schlueter

    Beef satay at Falansai

The Feed first look: Falansai

San Francisco import Henry Trieu (the Slanted Door) dispatches Vietnamese street food in Bushwick.


Chef Henry Trieu brings a little Vietnam love to Bushwick. The San Francisco import—who imbued traditional Vietnamese flavors with fine-dining finesse at Charles Phan’s acclaimed Slanted Door—roots through the street food of his childhood for this 54-seat joint, set to open by April 28th. Named after his Chaozhou-bred father’s mispronunciation of the world français, Trieu’s cross-cultural restaurant unites Vietnamese and French standards. Hanoi street-cart staples like pho bo (Vietnamese beef noodle soup), banh cay (spicy yucca fritters) and cha ca la vong (dill-flecked fried cod) share menu space with Gallic bistro classics like escargot in garlic butter and steak frites. Settle into a reclaimed-wood table for curry goat and a Vietnamese beer snagged from the tile-covered bar. Repurposed trappings fill the restaurant—French doors recycled as windows, light fixtures left over from an abandoned Italian eatery—while birdcages hanging overhead give the space a Southeast Asian vibe. See a sample menu below. 112 Harrison Pl at Porter Ave, Bushwick, Brooklyn (347-599-1190)



Fresh Spring Rolls Shrimp
Vermicelli, lettuce, and mint wrapped in rice paper and served with a peanut & fermented tofu sauce

Spinach and Lemongrass Tofu Rolls
Rice paper wrapped sauteed spinach and crispy tofu

Imperial Rolls (Pork or Shrimp)
Ground pork, shredded carrots, glass noodles, and tree ear mushrooms wrapped in rice paper and fried
Served with nouc cham (sweet and sour fish sauce for dipping)

Vegetarian Imperial Rolls
Grated taro, shredded carrots, glass noodles, shitaki and tree ear mushrooms wrapped in rice paper and fried.
Served with soy nouc cham (sweet and sour soy sauce for dipping)

Crab Cakes
Fried lumped crab meat, shrimp and jicama

Spicy Tieu Chau Beef or Chicken Satay
Grilled marinated skewers of beef or chicken served with a sauce of dried shrimp, peanut, and lemongrass

Banh Cay
Spicy yucca fritters

Stuffed Calamari
Grilled calamari stuffed with shrimp and glass noodles and served with a tamarind sauce

French classic baked snails with butter, garlic, and parsley.
Served with a toasted baguette


Shredded Chicken salad – Ga Xe Phai

Green Papaya salad – Goi Du Du

Mango Shrimp salad – Goi Tom Xoai

Olive salad
Chinese olives with toasted peanuts, sunflower seeds, fried shallot, garlic, and lemongrass on a bed of shredded carrots, jicama , cucumber and herbs.


Pho Bo – Classic Vietnamese beef noodle soup

Pho Ga – Chicken noodle soup

Sweet and Sour salmon soup


Tom Mien Sa Te
Grilled jumbo prawns and cellophane noodles with spicy satay

Bo Luc Lac- Shaking Beef
Wok sauted tender beef cubes served with lime, salt, and pepper dipping sauce

Cha Ca Le Vong
Battered and fried cod covered in fresh dill and served with legumes and rice paper

Lemongrass Tofu – Xa Xao Dau Hu
Wok sautéed crispy tofu with mushroom

Water Spinach
Sautéed in fermented tofu sauce

Braised Pork Belly – Thit Heo Kho
Pork belly braised in ginger, coconut water, and soy sauce and served with egg

Five Spice Chicken – Ga Ngu Vi Huong
Grilled marinated five spice chicken breasts served with a tamarind fish sauce

Sautéed Ginger Chicken and Potato
Wok sauteed chicken with ginger and cubes of potatoes

Steak and Frites
Charbroiled sirloin steak served with a side of French fries

Curry Goat
Goat, carrot, and yam in a lemongrass, curry and coconut stew

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