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Air Sex World Championships, July 2013
Photograph: Filip WolakAir Sex World Championships at the Cutting Room, July 2013

Air Sex World Championships in NYC

We present a handy, wipe-clean guide to the Air Sex World Championships: What is it? What are the rules? What the hell?

Written by
Tazi Phillips

Ever felt the burning desire to take the stage and mimic sexual acts for a prize? Look no further. The Air Sex World Championships have been dry-humping their way into NYC and our hearts for years. Find a suitable costume at a sex shop, pick out your favorite sexy songs, and act out the most outrageous sex scenes you can come up with. Who knows? Maybe you'll be voted the winner, you dirty dog.

When are the Air Sex World Championships?

The Air Sex World Championships are on Friday October 23, 2015 at 11pm.

Where are the Air Sex World Championships?

The Air Sex World Championships take place at the Cutting Room.

What are the Air Sex World Championships?

Hosted by comedian Chris Trew, the young, virile and shameless take to the stage to show off their erotic technique. Anyone can take part. Just turn up (preferrably in costume) with a CD of music to perform to, and soon enough you'll be simulating sex with an imaginary partner in front of a baying crowd.

The rules are simple: no nudity, and all orgasms must be simulated. Also there must be an imaginary person or object involved in your act.

A panel of judges (comics, sex professionals) adjudicate the first round, with the audience choosing the eventual winner. New York is but one stop on the Air Sex World Championships' nationwide tour, with the regional winners throwing down in Austin at the end of the year.

Air Sex World Championships