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Single New York bisexual women looking for a date (January 2013)

Meet six single New York bisexual women who are looking for a date. See photos of them, read about their ideal dates, and ask them out.

 (Photograph: Marielle Solan)
Photograph: Marielle Solan

Heidi, 27; marketing associate at a music publisher, music promoter and cellist in the band Leda; Greenpoint, Brooklyn
Her ideal date: “I’d like to grab some food and go to a concert—preferably featuring someone we both like, and also where I might run into friends. First dates can be super isolating and scary sometimes, so it’s nice when it feels like you’re just bringing someone along on a normal night out, with some potential mixed in. Also, I don’t drink, and I don’t care if you do; but if you do, don’t mistake cognac for confidence.”
Want to ask her out? E-mail: heidi@tonypersonals.com


Jessica, 31, communications analyst, Upper West Side
Her ideal date: “I can get into almost anything as long as I am in the company of a kind, considerate and funny person. A bourbon tasting followed by a healthy meal, the latest museum exhibit and a walk across the Williamsburg Bridge, or Opera on Tap and then a conversation at a local teahouse all sound ideal to me.”
Want to ask her out? E-mail: jessica3@tonypersonals.com


Kristi, 25; freelance social media consultant; Prospect Park South, Brooklyn
Her ideal date: “Something quirky and unexpected! It would start with something hands-on or active: Let’s go build puppets at the Puppet Kitchen, rock climb at Brooklyn Boulders, or attend Drink an’ Draw at 3rd Ward. Then we can grab a good bite to eat; there are so many fabulous restaurants that I have yet to try. At the end of the night, let’s take in some burlesque over drinks. I mean, who doesn’t appreciate a vintage-style naked lady?”
Want to ask her out? E-mail: kristi@tonypersonals.com


Megan, 27; client relations for a food-and-entertainment-industry accounting firm, and freelance food and music writer; Upper East Side
Her ideal date: “Since I’m a recent graduate of a food-studies master’s program, I am constantly the go-to person for where to eat and imbibe in the city. I’d love a date in which someone surprised me, food-and-drink wise: a new neighborhood, new cuisine or a new dive bar. As a high-functioning lush, I think that a good amount of drinking on the first date is a good idea, and you quickly learn a lot about someone through how and what they eat—from open-plate sharers to bad tippers.”
Want to ask her out? E-mail: megan1@tonypersonals.com

 (Photograph: Marielle Solan)
Photograph: Marielle Solan

Meredythe, 26; chef; Carroll Gardens, Brooklyn
Her ideal date: “I love sharing music and books, and it’s even better if it’s over drinks and shareable treats. Food says a lot about someone: Do you love dark chocolate with fruit, salty and sweet popcorn, or perhaps a tangy citrus drink? We could be geeks comparing secondhand copies at the Strand, or find a small cash-only place in Brooklyn to discuss the merits of Wes Anderson and Judd Apatow. If things go really well, I will bake you a pie while we plan a second date that could include live music, dancing, or even rock climbing—let’s be adventurous!”
Want to ask her out? E-mail: meredythe@tonypersonals.com

 (Photograph: Marielle Solan)
Photograph: Marielle Solan

Rachel, 27; comedian and writer; Bushwick, Brooklyn
Her ideal date: “Let’s sneak a six-pack onto the 6 and head down to the abandoned City Hall station, before going to a beer bar in the East Village. If things are going well, we could head into Williamsburg for pie, pizza, or some other deliciousness, and then follow our folly into the evening. If we end up eating hot dogs on the boardwalk at Coney Island at 6am, I won’t object.”
Want to ask her out? E-mail: rachel3@tonypersonals.com

With Valentine’s Day on the horizon, our minds inevitably turn to dating. Before the big day (who wants a first date on February 14? Way too much pressure) get to know one of these single New York women. They’ve even suggested date ideas, what are you waiting for?

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