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Time Out New York sex survey: The results are in!

Want to know about real New Yorkers' sex lives? Look no further.

If you were shocked at the news from our survey that more than 30 percent of guys in New York have faked orgasm, you'll be delighted to learn we've got a bunch more juicy factoids about New Yorkers' sex lives. For our annual Sex issue, we quizzed a hundred of you on the street and—props to you for your honesty—you gave us the lowdown on what you get up to behind closed doors. And in parks. And moving vehicles. And at the beach (on a lifeguard chair, no less!). So read on—and if the thought of all that action going on in Gotham gets you hot under the collar, check out our list of NYC's best hookup bars and cue up our sexiest-songs playlist. So, how do our results match up with your sex life? Are you one of the many who have had sex in a public bathroom? (If so, for the love of all that is decent-smelling, tell us why). Or perhaps you live in Queens and you're the very picture of virtue, compared with our eyebrow-raising fidelity statistic? Either way, let us know what you think in the comments below.
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