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Meet the Undateables: Andy and Juliette

Each week, we take two New Yorkers who swear they’re totally undateable, and put our matchmaking skills to the test

Will Gleason
Written by
Will Gleason

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Why they’re single:
Kyle: He’s new to the city and would rather focus on friendships than dating.
Juliette: She relies on dating apps, which usually don’t work out.

Ideal date:
Andy: Catching a show and then walking around a park
Juliette: Tapas and drinks somewhere outside


First impression
Andy: “She was very nice, very cute. But I could kind of tell from early on that she wasn’t my type. I know it’s not everything, but I wasn’t physically attracted to her.”
Juliette: “I got there first and was sitting at the table when he came up. He came off as genuinely nice and excited but a little too casual and hipster for me. But he was easy to talk to.”

Andy: “She seemed like a fun girl, but there wasn’t any chemistry. It was just like, Oh, you’re a cool person.  And as the night went on, it became more obvious.” 
Juliette: “It just wasn’t right. He talked a lot about Japan. He brought it up a few times and kept saying he wanted to go back—which is fine, but it’s like, Go see the rest of the world.”

Awkward Moment
Andy: “Nothing awkward happened. I was doing my best to keep the conversation going, and there weren’t any silences. For a second, I didn’t know whether to ask for her number.””
Juliette: “He asked for a bite of my lobster curry, and then it took him a really long time to cut it. I was like, ‘Do you want my help?’ and he was like, ‘I got it.’ But he didn’t have it.””

Andy: “She hadn’t completely finished her wine but was like, ‘Want to go?’ I was heading home, and she was meeting up with some friends. We just hugged and said goodbye.”
Juliette: “We left together, and he walked me to the corner. We hugged goodbye and were like, ‘We’ll see how this turns out!’ I think we were on the same page—just friends.”

Andy: ♥♥ “The first word that comes to mind is meh. It was very normal. I had all these things running through my head before, but it was just a harmless, safe date.”
Juliette: ♥♥ “Definitely not a love connection. But we had a great conversation: He was very funny, very sarcastic. I think there might be potential there for us to be friends.”

Our daters went to Crave Fishbar (945 2nd Ave,

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