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    Brooklyn: Studio: $2,390; 1BR: $2,958; 2BR: $3,880

    The Bronx: Studio: Info N/A; 1BR: $1,458; 2BR: $2,100

    Manhattan: Studio: $2,467; 1BR: $3,201; 2BR: $4,830

    Queens: Studio: $1,909; 1BR: $2,649; 2BR: $3,539

    Staten Island: Studio: $838; 1BR: $1,088; 2BR: $1,907

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    A recent study by the Council for Community and Economic Research revealed that Brooklyn is the second-most-expensive place to live in the entire United States (unsurprisingly, only Manhattan trumped it). The stat hasn’t scared us into defecting from the five boroughs, but it did make us wonder just how much apartments are going for in other big urban centers. We decided to compare the average cost of the coveted one-bedroom across America, and here’s what we found:

    New York City boroughs: $3,145
    Atlanta and vicinity: $2,147
    Boston and vicinity: $1,963
    Los Angeles and vicinity: $1,924
    Washington, D.C., and vicinity: $1,918
    Miami and vicinity: $1,450
    Philadelphia and vicinity: $1,309
    National average: $1,306
    Chicago and vicinity: $1,282
    Dallas–Fort Worth and vicinity: $1,057
    Houston and vicinity: $932

  3. Try: Washington Heights ($1,475), Harlem ($1,668), Lower East Side ($2,227), Morningside Heights ($2,270), Upper East Side ($2,416)

    Avoid: Soho-Tribeca ($3,894), Chelsea ($3,372), Midtown West ($3,362), Gramercy-Flatiron ($3,307)

  4. Try: Washington Heights ($1,128), Harlem ($1,295), Morningside Heights ($1,619), Upper East Side ($1,706), Upper West Side ($1,794)

    Avoid: Financial District ($2,504), Soho-Tribeca ($2,500), West Village ($2,415), Chelsea ($2,328)

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    Try: Bay Ridge ($1,386), Bedford-Stuyvesant ($1,510), Prospect Lefferts Gardens ($1,581), Crown Heights ($1,751), Bushwick ($1,800)

    Avoid: Dumbo ($3,684), Williamsburg ($3,231), Brooklyn Heights ($3,152), Fort Greene ($2,753), Greenpoint ($2,657)

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    Try: Bay Ridge ($1,075), Bedford-Stuyvesant ($1,138), Prospect Lefferts Gardens ($1,238), Crown Heights ($1,441), Clinton Hill ($1,623)

    Avoid: Dumbo ($3,188), Williamsburg ($2,892), Greenpoint ($2,335), Fort Greene ($2,230), Boerum Hill ($2,165)

Cheap apartments in NYC: Where to find affordable studios and 1BRs

We compare the average monthly rent in the five boroughs and name affordable hoods in Manhattan and Brooklyn to help you find cheap apartments. Edited by Sarah Bruning


This town can suck you dry. Don’t believe us? Then check out how NYC stacks up in terms of monthly rent against other major cities. Then dry your eyes, we don’t live anywhere else for a reason—we’re tough, we’re achievers, we’re doers. So do something about your cost of living and discover where cheap apartments are clustered. See how the average monthly rent compares across boroughs, or, if you’re tied to living solo in Manhattan or Brooklyn, find out the most affordable neighborhoods for studios and 1BRs in these prime real estate markets.

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