Roommate-finding services

Ten resources beyond Craigslist that can hook you up with the perfect stranger.

Photograph: Veronica ChanRoommates Wanted NYC

Roommates Wanted NYC (
Roommates Wanted NYC holds about seven meet-ups—usually in bars—each month in Manhattan, Brooklyn and Queens. Events are $5 in advance, but if you post an ad on Craigslist publicizing the event (and include a link to your R.S.V.P. comment on Roommates Wanted), you can get in free. According to founders Dene Farrell and Jeff Orlick, attendance depends on the season and location, but about 30 people tend to turn up for each boozy get-together, and the Brooklyn meet-ups in particular get a good turnout. Next meet-ups May 8. Harlem/Washington Heights: Lenox Lounge, 288 Malcolm X Blvd (Lenox Ave) between 124th and 125th Sts (212-427-0253, 2--4pm. * Western Brooklyn: Bar Reis, 375A Fifth Ave between 5th and 6th Sts, Park Slope, Brooklyn (718-832-5716). 5--7pm. * Williamsburg, Greenpoint and Bushwick: Alligator LoungeAlligator Lounge: 600 Metropolitan Ave between Leonard and Lorimer Sts, Williamsburg, Brooklyn (718-599-4440). 8--10pm.

Bang It Out (
Young Orthodox New Yorkers looking for a share on the Upper West Side need search no further than Jewish humor site Bang It Out. People advertising an opening tend to receive between four or five e-mails almost immediately, according to the site founders, twin brothers Isaac and Seth Galena. "I would honestly say that 90 percent of Orthodox Jews on the Upper West Side use our site," he added. "If you want to live in the observant community on the Upper West Side, this is the only way to do it."

Rainbow Roommates (
This service, which launched in 1995, caters to the LGBT community, though founder Douglas Leavy notes that everyone is welcome. The site typically runs between 100 and 150 postings at a time, although it depends on the season—spring and summer tend to be busier. Most customers find a roommate within two weeks, according to Leavy, but that efficiency is going to cost you—30 days for $65 (there's also a single-day fee for $40). "The cost acts as a filter," Leavy says. "If people want some mischief, they'll go to Craigslist." The service is also very personalized:  Leavy vets the listings himself and e-mails members back with appropriate matches. And if within two months of signing a roommate agreement you realize your situation is not working out, Rainbow Roommates will give you a one-month membership free so you can try again.

Roomie Match (
Roomie Match screens all profiles in its system; employees delete all the "spams, scams or scums," according to co-owner Robin Owsley. And RM doesn't actually post profiles on its site, either—in an effort to maintain subscribers' privacy, your matches are e-mailed straight to you based on your answers to various questions. You'll receive an e-mail with your matches several times a day. The $19.95 fee is good for one year. 

Astorians ( and Jackson Heights Life (
These Queens-centric community forums both have real-estate sections ideal for apartment hunters: Astorians covers Astoria and Long Island City, and Jackson Heights Life encompasses Jackson Heights, Elmhurst, Corona and Woodside. Although most of the listings here are apartments for sale posted by landlords or by tenants looking for apartments, about once every couple of weeks, there are share listings available.

Metro Roommates (
Short-term offers with quick turnovers abound at Metro Roommates, which is owned by (a domain run by online services company Spyder Web Enterprises). But you can find a few longer stay options here, too. (Sublets usually last between one and nine months, but there are some longer-stay options as well.) Search the database according to your criteria, then contact other members directly. Three months' access varies by borough (from $25 for the Bronx to $39.95 for Manhattan), and on a recent browse through the site, we found around 200 postings for pads in Manhattan, 100 for Brooklyn and 40 for the Bronx, all with  plenty of photos.

Roommate Happy Hour (
John Jourden used to waste a lot of time with too many roommate-matching services: "I signed up for about 20 of them and they were worthless," he says. "I got too many e-mails and went back to Craigslist." Once he connected with people on Craigslist, Jourden would ask them to meet him for a drink, before deciding whether or not to embark on an apartment search with them. "The first week it was me and three other people [getting drinks together], and then me and seven other people, the next week, me and 22 other people." Based on this experience, Jourden launched Roommate Happy Hour in March: Now he organizes weekly get-togethers at eight bars in Manhattan, Brooklyn and Queens. All the venues have agreed to extend happy hours until 8pm, and you can expect drink specials as low as $1. The official launch party will occur on May 21, but plenty of happy hours will take place before that (check the site or like RHH on Facebook for details). Because the business has just launched, the service is free through the end of May. After that, there will be three different membership levels; stay tuned for price details.

Roomster (
Roomster encourages members to write lengthy profiles—up to 10,000 words—to increase the chances of a positive roommate match. There's plenty of opportunity to get specific about your interests and your personality, and the site also has its own Facebook app. The free basic service lets you access all of the site's features and section, but you'll be minus the key mailbox tool. Sign up for the Full Membership, which does include the messaging feature, costs $5.95 for three days, $14.95 for two weeks and $29.95 for four weeks. Note: All subscriptions are automatically renewed, so  remember to cancel once you and your roomie are living in bliss.


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"Ten resources beyond Craigslist that can hook you up." What a bunch of crap. I'm just trying to find a room to rent on, and there's an army of fake people with fake ads trying to sucker people into going to Roomster, cause they're getting paid money from Roomster's affiliate program. It's dummies running dummies. Now that's a news story! I wonder if is signed up to Roomster's affiliate program too.

ken t

Another great resource is ! The rumr platform aims to create better, longer-lasting apartment shares by grouping users with similar lifestyles and interests. Rumr focuses on creating a familiar space for users to search within, making social connectivity an integral part of its service. Using your Facebook info, relevant-to-you listings from mutual friends, people in your school network, or people from your hometown are featured at the top of your search results. Rumr also personalizes your search results based on a variety of Lifestyle choices you can add to your profile such as vegetarian, musician, early bird, etc

Fran A

Where does a middle aged woman go to find a roommate?

Angie M

This is random but I am 29 years old and coming from Australia for 3 months in May. Amy chance you are still looking for a housemate?

Kind regard,


doris l

@Fran A 

Hi Fran  I am looking for a roommate in March for a few months, live in a nice neighborhood and I am middle aged woman as well.

maybe we should chat

Rany B

I just used this new service,

it looks pretty slick and I found a roommate in a matter of days. there's by far a larger selection of people and better quality than any of the other sites that are listed here and it's totally free!

Sams G ---> Amazing website.

Andrew R

Just a heads up - RoomieMatch is really hard to work with. You have to fill out their questionnaire carefully the first time. Despite the directions on the FAQ page, I haven't had any luck updating my profile. When I asked them about it, I got two different, kind of rude responses. 

They're not very nice and don't really have any way of helping you out since the whole service is on email. That's the sacrifice you make with RoomieMatch - while they're don't publish your data for privacy reasons, they also can't help you make changes for the same reason.Hope I can help someone not make the same mistakes.

Dragon F

@Andrew R  Totally agree - and I came to find out that they are total scammers!

They threaten to cancel your service after a few weeks (when it is supposed to be a full year for the service), and they pester you to find out who you replied to, and then turn around and blame you if you say you've reached out to all of the matches they forwarded and nothing happened.  They will respond to you like it is YOUR fault that someone didn't reply back to you - or arrange to meet, and they are total jerks with how they say its your fault.  

So, what you'll end up getting is a series of no's from everyone, and they do NOTHING to actually help you find a match.  They also created a lot of fake profiles with names like Imke versus Mike - and they will send you listings from people who live in India or Africa, which shows you what kinds of dicks they are.  

The site is run by some idiot narcissists who run a crappy website and email service, so don't bother unless you love banging your head against a wall.  RoomieMatch is a total waste of time and money - and reported them after all of the bs I went through.  They are total rip off artists, period.  sorry for the bad news folks, but someone has to warn you, right?   

Bisi O

Hey Guys ! To find the perfect total stranger that can turn into your best friend check out Last summer they helped me find a great apartment and their roommate recommender matched me up to the person who is now my best friend! Good luck with your search guys!


I tried a bunch of them and by far the best was They had a good app and don't spam you with emails. Lots of good filters like age, budget, smoking, pets, gender, sexual orientation, student vs. professional, etc. Much more user friendly and no stupid fees like a lot of the other sites. Roomster was by far the worst.


Hey all. I've been in NYC for 4 months and moved a handful of times from sublease to sublease. I've also been scammed by a broker and another time by someone I was renting a room from in Williamsburg. Lastly, I tried Roomster and some others and I second all those who have commented about how they bait and switch you. Why am I saying all this? Well, I decided to create my own site for finding roomies called - it's free, honest, and simple. You will not be baited and there are more features to come. I want to help others find roomies easier and I also want to find a cool one for myself lol. - Tyler


During the last summer, I spent 2 months at New York (Brooklyn more precisely). I found great flat to share with witch I recommand a lot. Check out, u'll be glad to find what do you want!!

Lee Blake

What I dislike most about Roomster and most of the others who claim "sign up free" is that they will send you email notifications to bait you to upgrade, but don't tell you who the emails are from. In fact, they could be emails from the service itself. Before I give them any money, I want to see the profile of who sent me an email. Not fair!


I used which uses Facebook to find suitable roommates.

samantha cooper

I used which uses your facebook connections to find a suitable roommate and I thought is a pretty cool idea.

Kyle is a FREE roommate matching website. It is THE BEST roommate matching website online. Check out to FIND YOUR next roommate :)


Clearly the biggest database is Roomster. Easy to use. I like it!


I have tried three of these sites, with poor results so far despite an awesome apartment I'm looking to share for a decent rent. (I posted photos, too.) Roomster: I signed up for three days at $5.95 and they promptly charged me $30 immediately after -- I called them and and their voicemail says they only handle billing inquiries through their "24/7" customer service center -- i.e., their email form, not on the phone. I threatened in my voicemail that I planned to notify the Better Business Bureau if they don't immediately refund the $30 they took from me. I also received nothing but spambot emails during the three days I'd signed up: boobalicious, fictional women -- and my ad specifically said I preferred a males. Shady.'s "site" (if you can call it that...) doesn't work well -- I signed up for their service and waited a a few days for it to kick it but it never did -- they told me the payment never went through. (?) In the meantime, I've probably received 30-40 emails from them -- that's no exaggeration -- saying they found a good match for me and that I should sign up for the paid service to get that person's contact info. They also operate only through emails -- you don't browse profiles on their site, which I find... odd. Rainbow Roommates has so far yielded only one call in a week's time from someone who spoke little English; I'm about to reach out to the site's creator, who is very nice on email at least, so stay tuned... I wouldn't have considered trying any of these if I weren't loathe to open myself up to Craig's List creepers. But I also figured that if *Time Out* gave them decent reviews, they must be worth their salt, right? Um, no. The piece above presents an overly rosy picture of the three services I've used so far -- so roommate seekers, beware.


i am giving the roommate information. check out the link given below.


I know that it is good to have someone anbody in my life to keep me sane. Thank god.


Hello, I am Qendrim Rraci age 22 and I will come in the US with working visa. I will be there from May 9th till Sep 30th. I am interested in your job, and please let me know as soon as possible if it is available. I need any room to sleep ( if you have one please let me know) Respect.

Kyle is a FREE roommate matching website. It is THE BEST roommate matching website online. Check out to FIND YOUR next roommate :)

Kyle is a FREE roommate matching website. It is THE BEST roommate matching website online. Check out to FIND YOUR next roommate :)

Kyle is a FREE roommate matching website. It is THE BEST roommate matching website online. Check out to FIND YOUR next roommate :)

James Glassman

Perfect Strangers of NYC is another amazing matchmaking roommate service. Not only does the team behind PSofNYC find you an ideal roommate, they will also teach you how to find an apartment without using a broker!

James Glassman

Perfect Strangers of NYC is another amazing matchmaking roommate service. Not only does the team behind PSofNYC find you an ideal roommate, they will also teach you how to find an apartment without using a broker!

James Glassman

Perfect Strangers of NYC is another amazing matchmaking roommate service. Not only does the team behind PSofNYC find you an ideal roommate, they will also teach you how to find an apartment without using a broker!

Kyle Freedman is a FREE roommate matching website. It is THE BEST roommate matching website online. Check out to FIND YOUR next roommate :)

Jo Gerbe

I am trying to find a place to stay (a private room is all I need and shared bathroom) since I travel from Maryland where I moved from NY and am in the middle of getting back to NY permanently since my 19 year old son is set up at the University of Marlyland at College Park and I am trying to find a place back in NY and need a place to stay when in NY about a dozen times a month. No set dates really. I'm flexible. I'm 55, single and have a son as I mentioned who may want to use the room on occasion also when he goes to NY but that is also flexible. If anyone has any ideas how I can go about finding something please let me know. Thanks, Jo