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25 reasons New York City is my valentine

Roses are red, violets are blue, and here’s why we’re in love with you (to NYC, from TONY, with love)

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1. You're the place where I fled to when I needed to re-create myself as the person I always wanted to be.

2. Our first home together wasn't exactly the greatest…


Photograph: courtesy Shutterstock

but I'll never forget what it felt like to sign that lease with you.

3. You have the energy to keep me amused, 24 hours a day, seven days a week.

4. No matter if I'm catching a show at Smalls or Saint Vitus, you make me feel like I'm at the center of the musical universe.

5. Every damn movie—big, small and in between—opens here for my neurotic appraisal.

6. The West Village sings every night with live pianists and amateur vocalists at the Duplex, Marie's Crisis and the Monster.

7. Not only do your bookstores have the works of authors I love, but often the authors themselves.


Photograph: Jeff Morgan

8. And you understand my unaccountable and sometimes insatiable desire for '80s-metal LPs.

9. Sometimes you tempt me to splurge on the opera, Barneys and Le Bernardin…

but you also oblige my cravings for $1 pizza and PBR.


10. One thing: 24-hour burrito-falafel hybrid.

11. You're like an onion; you stink and you make me cry, but no matter how many layers I peel away, there are always more to discover.


12. It's impossible not to be awed by you when I'm standing in the middle of Times Square at 4am.


Photograph: courtesy Shutterstock

13. You can be really repulsive at times…

but every time I see your skyline, my heart skips a beat.


Photograph: courtesy Shutterstock

14. You help me get closer to my neighbors, in that we're crammed together like cattle on the L train.


Photograph: Daniel Schwen

15. Plus you have every type of person, so my soulmate/best friend/roommate is bound to live here, too.

16. You challenge me many days, but it makes me stronger…

and when Friday night rolls around, I know I can do absolutely anything.

17. Truth be told, you make me feel like a badass.

18. Even when I fall on my face…

you always inspire—well, force—me to get back up.

19. You teach me that money isn't everything, because I never have any of it.

20. You can be icy…

but I know you'll warm up soon.

21. It might be tough to find, but you still make me feel like love is right around the corner.

22. Plus, who else can tell me they love me in 103 different languages?

23. No matter how many times people tell me I'll leave you eventually, I know in my heart we'll be together for good.

24. (Because I don't always need to wear pants around you.)


Photograph: Tessa Hartley

25. You are the place where I want to spend the rest of my life.