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Does New York make you an asshole?

Take our poll to help us find out whether living in New York does, indeed, turn you into (a bit of) an asshole

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Second to perhaps only “what came first: the chicken or the egg?” is the age-old question: Does living in NYC, in fact, make you an asshole? While we’re the first to agree that we’re the greatest city in the world, it is true that every neighborhood has ’em—and every subway car, for that matter. Tell us what you think in the anonymous poll below.

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By: Jennifer Picht


Michael H

And, classic:   the article is written by a guy who is from the Midwest.  

  The authority on NYC is the Midwest.   No, I never heard that either.  

Michael H

Nah.  Same dynamics in different arrangements everywhere, in every city.  One of the biggest assholes I've yet to meet moved here from Oakland a couple years ago.   Assholes come from far and wide.  No rhyme or reason.  Mid-life crisis or young-life ambition.  Let'm.  NYC has never been afraid of assholes.  Or anyone else, man.  

Pay the admission at the door and then let the asshole see if he or she can swim.