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Prospect Park
Prospect Park

Prospect Park 101: What you need to know about the Brooklyn park

Find out where to grill, how to volunteer and more essential information about Brooklyn’s bucolic space.

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Where to grill

There are more than a dozen designated BBQ areas within the park, which you can find on this map. Crowds are pretty much guaranteed on weekends, especially at spots like the upper Long Meadow or the Picnic House, so head out early if you want to fire up a grill during the summer.

Where to play sports

On sunny days, you’ll find clumps of people playing Frisbee or catch in areas like the Long Meadow and the Nethermead, but there are loads of other spots where you can participate in organized sports. The Prospect Park Tennis Center is open daily from 7am to 11pm, and can be reserved ahead of time or for night play (visit the Prospect Park Alliance’s Web page for more information on rates and permits). There are also more than a dozen baseball fields, two basketball courts and even a 3.5-mile path where you can go horseback riding (through nearby Kensington Stables).


How to volunteer

Good Samaritans can donate their time in numerous ways. For an overview of the available volunteer opportunities, sign up for one of the Prospect Park Alliance’s information sessions, which provide a quick intro on duties, time commitments and more; e-mail to find out when the next one will be held. There are also a number of projects—such as beautifying the Audubon Center and the Lefferts Historic House Museum, or maintaining the park’s wooded areas—that are staffed weekly by volunteers.

How to learn about the park

As much fun as it is to explore the park on your own, a guided tour is the way to go for a more thorough lesson on Prospect Park’s history and wildlife. Learn about areas such as the Ravine and the Lullwater—as well as the hundreds of birds that call the green space home—on a tour led by guides from the Audubon Center. There are three regularly scheduled jaunts: Introduction to Birdwatching (Sat at noon), Discovery Tours (Sat, Sun at 3pm) and Early Bird Walks (first Sun of the month at 8am). All outings meet at the Boathouse and are free.


Where to ride your bike

The 3.35-mile Park Drive, which loops around the interior of the green space, is open to cyclists during park hours (daily 5am–1am), but you’ll find the biggest crowds on weekends, when the road becomes a car-free space. But it’s not a two-wheeler free-for-all: Pedestrians also use the roadway, so be sure to follow the biking rules outlined on the Prospect Park Alliance’s website. Cyclists can also ride along the Prospect Park West bike lane, which runs parallel to the western edge of the park. (The path isn’t without controversy: Opponents of the project have filed numerous lawsuits and appeals against the lane’s installment since it opened in 2010.)

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