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Public eye: Julie Moss, 33

New York street interviews: Stories from the sidewalk as told by real New Yorkers about their lives in the city that never sleeps.

Photograph: Alex Strada

Waverly Pl between Washington Sq West and Sixth Ave

What are you up to? I'm waiting for my sister. She's a chef at Babbo in the pastry department. It's our ritual: I pick her up at 4:30pm and we walk back to my apartment and cook. Not that she hasn't been cooking all day.

Sounds awesome for you and crappy for her. [Laughs] We both love cooking. She makes sweets, and I do the savory.

Is this a family tradition? Yes, we grew up cooking. I work at HBO—I have for 11 years—but I also used to teach cooking classes out of my apartment. I loved doing that, but then my husband wanted to murder me, so I had to stop.

Did he not like your cooking? No, it was because I would shut him in the bedroom all night while these strangers came over to cook and eat in our apartment. But anyway, that was when we were on the East Side. We recently bought an apartment on Charles Street, gutted it and made another cook's kitchen.

No strangers allowed. Right, just family. And extended family. There are still a lot of cooking parties.

Have you always gotten along well with your sister? Yes. She's the youngest, and I'm the oldest of three.

Three sisters? There had to have been some hair-pulling. There was a lot—a lot. No hair-pulling anymore because they're not allowed to touch my hair, but there can definitely be friction. And my mom is the fourth sister, so there are a lot of women. We feel bad for my dad.

Do you shut him in the bedroom, too? Nah, he's one of the girls. Just my husband isn't allowed out. [Laughs]

What do you do at HBO? I work in the scheduling department. We choose what goes on air. I love my job.

What kind of thought goes into programming? Well, you have to know a ton about movies, and if you like puzzles, fitting things together... That's really what scheduling is.

Have you done much cavorting with the actors? No, my group is really behind-the-scenes, very operational.

So no drama. I deal with a lot of drama!

And comedy... Oh, yes, and comedy. Laughter, tears—you name it.

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"I can't even get a reservation at Babbo, and I know Mario Batali."

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