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Photograph: Zenith Richards

Public eye: Sherene Schostak, 40

New York street interviews: Stories from the sidewalk as told by real New Yorkers about their lives in the city that never sleeps.

By Kate Lowenstein

W 4th St at Bank St

Can we take your picture for Time Out? Oh, funny, I thought you were going to ask me about Jennifer Aniston. She just moved into my building and everyone’s talking about it.

Nope—more interested in you. So, let’s see. Was turning 40 a big deal? Oh yeah, monumental. I started this thing called Project 40: I’m going to make 40 art books. I also started this project where we set a goal and see what happens in 40 days. It’s like an artistic version of Lent. [Laughs]

What can you get done in 40 days? Amazing things happen. For instance: I got married when I was 39 and I put my marriage on the altar—yeah, the 40-day altar—because I was having questions. The answer comes within 40 days.

I see, I think. What do you do other than 40-day miracles? I’m an astrologer for Elle U.K.

You’re clearly comfortable putting a lot of stock in the universe. How did you get to that point? I’ve felt that way since childhood. I grew up in nature, next to the woods, so I think the universe seemed pretty enchanted from direct experience. And then I’m a Jungian analyst, so I’m always looking for meaning in things.

How often do you get called crazy? [Laughs] It’s funny, when I’m around other Jungian analysts or astrologers, it all seems really normal, but when I have a conversation with someone else, it seems really…out there. People don’t tend to call me crazy to my face.

Horoscopes are written so generally that it’s easy to find truth in them no matter what. Do you B.S. your way through them? No. Honestly, it is a pretty complex system in which I’m literally looking at all the planets and how they’re interacting with one particular sign throughout the month. I’m sure there are times when people get lazy and make something up, but if you read the Elle horoscopes, they’re really specific.

So are you dating again? Oh yeah, totally.

You and Jennifer both. [Laughs] Yeah, except I don’t want my ex back.

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