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 (Photograph: Jessica Lin)1/8
Photograph: Jessica LinKathrine J., 22; acting student; Cobble Hill, BrooklynOur street survey says: “It was last weekend [at the Mermaid Parade]. We were just going to Coney Island for a day off and didn’t know that the parade was there. Suddenly we saw these ‘mermaids’ in all different sizes, all different genders, and we were like, ‘What the?’ [Laughs] We squeezed around the parade and went to the beach.”
 (Photograph: Jessica Lin)2/8
Photograph: Jessica LinAntoine C., 36, maintenance worker, HarlemOur street survey says: “I once saw a guy wearing nothing but Superman underwear while walking down the street. I guess people are used to it. I’m from Harlem, but I’m not used to stuff like that.”
 (Photograph: Jessica Lin)3/8
Photograph: Jessica LinSebastian A., 23; law student; Bogotá, ColombiaOur street survey says: “I saw two men playing Frisbee in the park—completely naked.”
 (Photograph: Jessica Lin)4/8
Photograph: Jessica LinKimberly D., 18, student, South BronxOur street survey says: “I saw Spider-Man on the train. He tried to climb upside down on the poles. He had the entire outfit on, minus the shoes. He just had on regular sneakers. I was [thinking], If you’re gonna be Spider-Man, be full-out!”
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Photograph: Jessica LinSamantha B., 31, marketing director, NolitaOur street survey says: “This man was naked except for underwear. He was walking down the street with shoes and underwear on—combat boots and tighty-whities.”
 (Photograph: Jessica Lin)6/8
Photograph: Jessica LinGates B., 30; filmmaker; Willamsburg, BrooklynOur street survey says: “In a bar, I definitely saw this girl, who was wasted, in a corner fucking herself while people took photos. And then she threw up.”
 (Photograph: Jessica Lin)7/8
Photograph: Jessica LinMaurie D., 19, student, PhiladelphiaOur street survey says: “I saw this man with super-long hair and a long beard wearing a vest and those shoes that have the separate toes; he was holding a bunch of handkerchiefs. I think that’s the weirdest thing I’ve seen today. You know when you give people animals? I’d describe him as a lion—like an alpha lion with the crazy beard.”
 (Photograph: Jessica Lin)8/8
Photograph: Jessica LinElle F., 24; proofreader; Flatbush, BrooklynOur street survey says: “In Union Square, there are always people holding signs. When I was there recently, I saw this guy holding a sign that said “Free Massage by Creepy Guy.” I looked at him and was like, Okay, you actually are creepy. On the other side of the sign it said, “Going Topless Is Illegal.” So I was just kind of watching and standing there, and was wondering if anyone is actually going to get a massage from this guy. Then I saw this one girl and her boyfriend, and I was thinking, Is she really going to get a massage? Sure enough, she got a massage from him, and her boyfriend took pictures.”

Street survey: What’s the craziest thing you’ve seen walking around NYC?

In our latest street survey, we asked eight people tell us the weirdest sight they’ve stumbled upon while wandering NYC.

By By Abigail Hirsch and Kate Riley

Street surveys reveal all sorts of hilarious anecdotes—after all, strange things happen all the time in New York City. While some are planned (SantaCon), others are just random occurrences that happen right on the street. For our newest street survey, we asked eight people on the High Line to share their favorite quirky sight. You might also like
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