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The Big Quiz Thing's Tenth Anniversary Quiz Show Marathon Spectacular (VIDEO)

A ten-hour trivia show deserves a training montage.

If you're a regular reader, you will have heard by now from the shameless self-promotion department that TONY copy chief Noah Tarnow is also host and trivia master of the Big Quiz Thing (bigquizthing.com).

We can attest that Tarnow's no slouch (did you know that if it weren't for him, Time Out would read like it's written by a LOLz-loving preteen who thinks grammar is the mother of their parent?), but he faces his toughest challenge on Sunday, June 3, at the Big Quiz Thing's Tenth Anniversary Quiz Show Marathon Spectacular at 92YTribeca (noon–10pm; $22, advance $20). Testing the limits of his and the audience's knowledge and endurance, the show lasts ten hours, with Tarnow hosting the whole event. This kind of endeavor can only be conquered with training, preferably squeezed into a 4:33 montage, culminating in a (sort of) freeze frame.

Attendees won't face such a punishing day, with comedians, short films, DJs, live music, food and drink specials, and a come-and-go policy providing respite from the mental exertion. You may, however, wish to invest in your own training montage: The grand prize is a cool $1,000.

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