Another busy night at Futurum, Prague
Photograph: Futurum Music BarAnother busy night at Futurum, Prague

The 16 very best nightlife spots in Prague

Want to sample the world-famous nightlife in Prague? Get around with our guide to the city’s best bars, pubs and clubs


Prague’s got a nightlife spot for every kind of night. And yes, we really mean every kind of night. Whether you’re up for a stylish bar, a hearty pub or even a club in an old abattoir (yes, really), the Czech capital’s nightlife options are amongst the most impressive of any European city. 

The best clubbing and drinking spots are almost always outside Prague’s city centre, but don’t miss out on the Old Town, either. While plenty of city centre joints have abandoned character in favour of profits, there’s still real fun to be found in the likes of Holešovice, Smichov, Kárlin. So without further ado, here’s our lowdown of Prague’s most essential nightlife spots.  

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This guide was recently updated by Yaren Fadiloglulari, a writer based in Prague. At Time Out, all of our travel guides are written by local writers who know their cities inside out. For more about how we curate, see our editorial guidelines

Best nightlife in Prague

  • Cocktail bars
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Hemingway Bar must be one of Prague’s top cocktail bars... if not the best. The bar is named after Ernest Hemingway himself – that guy loved a drink, after all, and these days the bar keeps that predilection of his alive, boasting as it does a menu of more than 200 rums (plus a dangerously wide absinthe selection). Hemingway is an essential stop for any self-respecting hedonist.

  • Breweries

You know what they say: when in Prague, drink beer. And Dva Kohouti is the place to try some of the best. A 10-minute tram ride from Prague’s centre, this bar prides itself on bringing a brewery and a taproom together. On tap, there are always plenty of different beers to choose from, from lager to IPA, and there’s often live DJ sets on weekends. 


3. U Zlateho Tygra

If you want plenty of history with your beer, head to The Golden Tiger. The Prague 1 location means a slightly more expensive beer, but where else can you sip in such celebrated surroundings? Bohumil Hrabal (one of the greatest of all Czech writers) was a frequent visitor back in the day, a stamp of approval that most places would die for.

4. MeetFactory

Once a city abattoir, MeetFactory is now a homage to all things creative. Part market, gallery and theatre, it also doubles up as a popular party and concert spot with an ever-eclectic schedule of events for all tastes. It also has a bike repair shop, although why you’re taking your bike to the nightclub is another thing entirely.


5. Klub 007 Strahov

The word ‘iconic’ gets overused in the modern age, but the adjective is more than apt for this famous spot. Dark, dingy, yet utterly delightful, Strahov 007 has been a rebellious venue in the city since 1969 with no end in sight, making it one of the longest-tenured clubs in Prague. Simply get the tram to Strahov stadium and follow the crowds.

6. Hells Bells Rockin' Pub

Who doesn’t love a grimy metal bar? Smichov’s finest Hells Bells’ Pub has been serving up cold lager and fiery tunes for at least forever, and is there a better combination than beer and riffs? No, there isn’t. A location just 30 seconds from Anděl makes this basement bar a popular spot all through the week.


7. Futurum

Late night parties, international rock and roll superstars, wacky themes and more fun than most can handle. That’s Futurum in a nutshell, a Prague 5 spot with curious architectural quirks to accentuate the relentless energy flowing from every pore. You can’t really miss this grand old building, but you may well find yourself missing it differently once you leave.

8. Harly’s

That this club has a biker theme tells you all you need to know about the vibe you can expect. For those looking for a different scene, the grungy, dimly-lit basement of Harly’s makes for a hazy environment for a hazy night out. The wide range of rock music that plays all night offers a pleasing contrast to most Prague clubs with their focus on chart pop, trance and EDM.


9. Café Jericho

All sorts of popular with Prague’s ever-thirsty crowd of artists, Café Jericho hums with conversation and pivo from open to close. A somewhat hidden side street location adds another layer of magic to the place, and most evenings see the place spill out onto the pavement outside. A variety of traditional snacks accentuate the beer, although you’ll see as much wine being enjoyed here as you will the amber nectar.

A two-floor venue with a homely vibe, Cafe V Lese is located a couple of tram stops away from Miru Square, in the perpetually happening area of Vrsovice. The space bills itself as a ‘cabaret and activist style cafe’ and puts on an unbelievably eclectic series of events. Berserk gigs, flea markets, avant-garde performances, screenings, onstage interviews and panel discussions make up a fraction of what you’ll see on Cafe V Lese’s subterranean stage.


11. Letna Park

At various points during the summer, the whole of Prague seems to become one big beer garden, but the gorgeous views and history of Letná keep it at the very top of the table. It happens to be at the very top of the city too, so you can enjoy a pint with a view. Make sure to walk toward the east of the park to see the Prague Metronome, where a humongous statue of Stalin once stood. Today, the Metronome is home to a cultural centre called Stalin Letna, which hosts live concerts, DJs, electronic music events, and alternative projects from Wednesday to Sunday.

12. Roxy

One of Prague’s nightlife staples, Roxy is a guaranteed exhilarating night out. The atmosphere here is vibrant, and the club’s interior – with its one-of-a-kind art and in-your-face colour scheme – only adds to the ambience. Roxy’s aim is to ‘revive the space of the music club through visual arts’, and that symbiotic relationship between its art and music makes for a brilliant assault on the senses.


13. Lucerna Music Bar

Just off the bustling Wenceslas Square, the Music Bar in Palác Lucerna is one of Prague’s biggest clubs. Though it boasts one of the city’s more spacious dance floors, it also fills up faster than most. Don’t miss Lucerna’s 1980s nights, where you can dance unironically to ‘Never Gonna Give You Up’ with people from all over the world. Lucerna also doubles as a concert venue and hosts some surprisingly big names.

14. Vzorkovna Dog Bar

This underground club has different rooms, live music, and DJs as other clubs do, but also a pizza stand, cinema, foosball table, homemade food, and several bars. Dog Bar’s atmosphere alone makes it worth visiting, then it’s up to you if you want to enjoy live music, dance the night away, or play foosball. To get in, you’ll need cash, so you can top up the card you’ll get. You can then use your card to get food or drinks.


15. Déjàvu

Déjàvu is far from the biggest or fanciest club in Prague, but that may be why it’s very much a local favourite. It also boasts arguably the best bang for your boozy buck when going out in this city. Considering its growing popularity and central location, the drinks are surprisingly cheap – especially during their daily happy hour, when you can get most cocktails for less than £2.

16. Cross Club

Out in Holešovice, Cross Club is one of Prague’s best-known drinking and dancing destinations – and there’s a very good reason for that. Decorated with huge cogs and mechanisms, the space is like a huge steampunk creature. It’s really, truly spectacular. Add to that it’s musical offerings (everything from EDM to hardcore punk) and it’s theatre, cinema and book readings, and you’ve got no less than one of the city’s leading cultural hubs.

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