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서울에서 떠나는 세계 음식여행

Six international cuisine picks in Seoul

Get a taste of Italy, Mexico, Japan, Thailand, France and China right here. No air miles included.

By Woo Yong Kim

Food means something more than just subsistence or even taste. Licking your fingers after a taco might mean memories of drunken nights with friends back home and pad thai spices can recall summer adventures in Bangkok. If you are what you eat, then access to different world cuisines means more than craving tastes with your body, it’s an acknowledgment that we’re globalized people in a globalized world, whether you’re Korean or not. Yes, Korean food is in Seoul is amazing and we love it without forgetting the rest of who we are too. 

Where to eat good Mexican food in Seoul


Ten years ago, finding a taco in Seoul - no matter the quality, was a big deal. Now with the explosion of Mexican restaurants that have happened over the past few years, we can afford to get a little picky when it comes to la comida. Which places have just the right amount of zest? Where can you get that lime tang? Those tacos where grease will stain your fingers afterwards? Time Out Seoul investigates. 

Where to eat good Italian food in Seoul


Expats that have lived in Seoul for a few years know the real struggle to find authentic Italian food here. For too long, the carbonara has been drenched in cream, the bolognese coated in sugar and cheese limited to American. Finally, we have a few restaurants where we can actually take our Italian friends and proudly say buon appetito!


Where to eat good Japanese food in Seoul

Restaurants Japanese

With Japanese food & drink in Seoul being as common as Korean in Los Angeles, good restaurants of our neighbor aren't that hard to find. Filled with good sake, chewy, soothing noodles and Japanese-style skewers, even the the average isn't bad. However, start becoming a stickler for authencity and quality and the list of best drops down to a few names. And the names are as follows.

Where to eat good Thai food in Seoul


What can account for the boom in Seoul's Thai food restaurants? Of course, their sweet and savory dishes are delicious, but how has that discovery landed upon Korea's capital? Perhaps one main reason is the growing number of Koreans traveling to Thailand and finding the cuisine simply irresistable. Seoulites are crazier now for authentic Thai food than they've ever been in the past. With the quantity of Thai restaurants growing, it's inevitable that the competition amongst these restaurants will grow stiffer. Who has the best pad thai? Which places offer green curry that's made with the freshest coconut milk and chili peppers? Time Out Seoul finds out.


Where to get good French food in Seoul


Some say that once you study abroad in Paris, it destroys you for life. Part of that reason is the country's culinary artistry which often tops lists when we talk about must-have cuisines. The growing number of exchange students and travelers to the country get glossy eyed just talking baguettes, cheeses and charcuterie. To meet those needs are these praised French restaurants which offer some authentically French food to French inspired to French with a Korean twist. French food in Seoul's not limited to Seorae Village anymore. Bon appetit!

Where to eat good Chinese food in Seoul


You probably already know all about Chinese-Korean fast food: jjajangmyeon, those thick noodles slathered in unctuous black bean sauce, and fiery jjambbong noodles. They're a go-to quick meal found on any street corner or even delivered right to your door. But Chinese cuisine has so much more to offer, whether it's Peking duck, red pork belly, a dozen ways to cook scallops, or a plethora of dim sum options (don't get us started on the dumplings). So skip the noodles for now and dig into these delicious mainland dishes—and hey, most of these places also serve jjajangmyeon if you're really craving it.


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