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11 local artists to buy prints from

We’re talking about everything-printed from wall prints to t-shirts, zines, stickers and even socks


While prints have traditionally been linked to wall art, they have now evolved beyond that encompassing a wide range of printed mediums, including t-shirts, zines, and stickers. Now, in the buzzing local arts scene, artists are injecting their distinctive voice, style, and humour into prints through their creations. Additionally, the emergence of art platforms like the Open Door Store – which features a retail space showcasing local illustrators' work with a silkscreen printing studio under one roof – further fuels our progressive scene. 

Through immersing ourselves in the arts scene, we’ve gotten to know some really cool local artists as well as some under the radar ones that we think you should check out. P/s: It might not be good for your wallet – you have been warned!

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Artists to check out

Shian (@shiaaaan)

If you don’t already know her, Shian is an illustrator that you should really keep your eyes on. Her impressive portfolio includes collaborations with renowned musicians such as Eric Church, Dave Matthews & Tim Reynolds, and Metallica (what the!), as well as notable corporations like Apple, Disney, and Samsung, proving that her works are truly diverse. Shian’s detailed illustrations are a treat for the eyes, exhibiting a keen sense of colour and a versatile style that adapts flawlessly to various occasions. She has also left her artistic mark on local festivals like Baybeats and Gif Fest. Though her current web store is under maintenance, you can still purchase her prints by clicking on the individual outlets here.

Lyla Soh (@spaddlepop)

Discover the dreamy illustrations of designer-artist Lyla, whose imaginative artwork is a mix of daydreams and everyday musings. Her captivating creations under Feelings Club are dedicated to promoting mental wellness, reminding us to be in touch with our feelings. Through her whimsical illustrations, even the most unexpected characters, like cockroaches, become endearing and jovial figures of everyday life. You’ll also be able to find greeting cards with heartfelt expressions of love, making them perfect tokens of affection for your loved ones. Check out her store here.


Nikkei (@nikkei.dex)

Nikkei is a local designer/illustrator whose works effortlessly blend humour, aesthetic intrigue, and undeniable adorableness. She boasts impressive collaborations with clients such as the international food chain Eggslut and local bookstore Epigram Books. Additionally, Nikkei's animation skills have garnered recognition, with one of her creations emerging as the winner at the MODE fest – an event discussing motion design – in 2021. Check out her stickers, risograph prints and tote bags here

Ven (@ven.shibaba)

If you have a soft spot for adorable animal characters, then we’re pretty sure Ven’s paintings will hit your soft spot. Her light-hearted illustrations of cats, capybaras, ducks, and whatnot, depicts a blissful scene of animals in their element with an added tinge of magic. Her extensive collection includes stickers, prints, notebooks, postcards, and even socks. Check her out here


John (@john_wip)

John's unique take on characters is seemingly childlike at first glance, but upon second look, reveals a witty take on everyday life. Find contemplating humans, sad snails, a cartoon version of his pooch, and black and white comics of relatable shenanigans. He is also the creative brain behind brand JUG featuring illustrated merchandise in the theme of climbing, and POOLS, a t-shirt project where various creatives are invited to interpret a t-shirt. His store might be on a brb-mode now but his other arms, JUG and POOLS, are definitely worth a look.

Jz (@thisisjz)

Jz manages to play with your minds through non-complicated illustrations and everyday objects in our local context. His works will show you things you’ve never put much thought into – I mean who knew po chai pills could make a decent accessory? Not me, but now I’m digging it. Check out his zines, tote bags, and knick knacks you never knew you needed here.


Grace (@gracehong.party)

Grace is your next door chill pal you can talk to about anything. Their illustrations are dark humoured and we can’t get enough of it. Visually nostalgic of the 90s, their prints are seemingly a reflection of an average person’s attempt to try to make light of their woes – in other words, relatable. Grace doesn’t have their own store yet but you can slide in their DMs at their (in)convenience store if you’re interested in their prints or shirts. 

Cruddy (@cruddystore)

Whether or not you've stumbled upon a social media sighting of a distinctive Giant (the supermarket) spin-off t-shirt, you're about to discover the imaginative world of illustrator Vanessa, also known as Cruddy. Vanessa brings her 2D characters, including the renowned Greg, to life through her captivating illustrations. Her talent has even caught the attention of  well-known brands like Uniqlo. Explore her range from all-over printed button-up shirts and mugs to rugs and socks here.


Natasha Hassan (@natashahassan)

By day, Natasha is a content producer at Universal Music Group. At night, she dabbles in freelance projects with North East Social Club, Singapore Community Radio, SingLit and more. And now, she sells her own prints from a guide on how to make Nasi Kang Kang (from $15) to her Processing series (from $30) that have been digitally manipulated from a series of marble paintings she did in 2014. Shop her stuff here

Hafi Jainal (@hahahafi)

Describing herself as "a designer who draws," Hafi turned her bad dating experiences into a zine and series of quirky illustrations. And what a blessing they are. You can now have body-positive, cat-filled, vibrant paintings on your bare walls that remind you to look on the bright side of every situation. 

Spank Me ($130), which comes in a limited edition of 10, is an A2 print from Hafi's first solo exhibition, "Good Dates Bad Dates" and Minah Bunga ($80) is an A4 print for the cat lovers out there. Buy her work here.


Djohan Hanapi (@djohahn)

The man behind risograph press Knuckles & Notch is a full-time illustrator himself. Djohan Hanapi's known for his sultry take on Disney Princesses we know and love, embracing the beauty of eroticism and subtle humour. Want one for your home? You can purchase some from The Everlusting Tales Series here

Local art appreciation

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