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Sustainable bars in Singapore shaping the bar world of tomorrow

From low-waste practices to a dedication to local produce, these bars are paving the way for an environmentally conscious night out

Time Out Singapore in partnership with The Bar World of Tomorrow

What does the bar of tomorrow look like? How can bars ensure a responsible and sustainable future for the industry?

Addressing these questions is the Bar World of Tomorrow, a collaborative initiative that aims to raise awareness and foster unity in the bar community for a more sustainable future. The brainchild of Pernod Ricard, Trash Collective, and the Sustainable Restaurant Association, this visionary programme equips bartenders with the knowledge and tools to adopt more sustainable practices in their operations – from using fresh ingredients and practising responsible alcohol serving to implementing effective waste management strategies.

At Time Out, our mission is to help you go out and explore the best the city has to offer. We are proud to champion the bars that demonstrate a genuine commitment to sustainability. In partnership with Pernod Ricard, we are awarding the first-ever “Bar of Tomorrow” title to one bar in Singapore that goes above and beyond to lead a more sustainable bar scene. 

We’re giving a toast to these eco-conscious bars in Singapore that are leading the charge towards a greener, more responsible drinking culture. Here, read all about the nominees’ remarkable achievements and enjoy a sustainable cocktail the next time you're out exploring Singapore.


Fura might have only officially opened in September, but it’s already raising the bar when it comes to future-forward sustainable efforts. Led by power couple Christina Rasmussen and Sasha Wijidessa, who both previously helmed Mallow, Fura uses ingredients that have a low carbon footprint that you wouldn’t necessarily expect to find in your typical drink. This includes Ugly Delicious ferments made using ugly fruits and veggies that would otherwise be discarded; cocktails made with invasive species like jellyfish and insects, which help to bring back balance to the environment; and locally grown produce from their own garden as well as hydroponic farms in Singapore.

In efforts to keep waste to a minimum, Fura has spearheaded initiatives like an in-house compost program and closed-loop upcycling where discarded products are given a second life. It is also committed to using EcoSPIRITS to help lower emissions by nearly eliminating all packaging and bottling. The commitment to sustainability doesn’t just stop there. The 40-seater indoor space is also furnished with sustainably made oyster shell coasters and recycled wood stools while the walls are painted with environmentally friendly limewash paint.

  • City Hall

While the destination cocktail bar is best known for its stunning panoramic views of the Singapore skyline, Smoke and Mirrors also deserves to be recognised for its contribution to a sustainable future. Surplus wines are repurposed to craft mulled wine through an eco-conscious method and weaved into the Heart Strings, a fizzy fruit-forward delight. Orange peels are not tossed away but instead, they are dehydrated to form a garnish. Even used dates find a new purpose as they reappear in a delectable toffee pudding. The commitment to sustainability doesn’t stop there as the innovative bar places an emphasis on recycling through the repurposing of all plastic bottles.

  • Middle Eastern
  • Tanjong Pagar

The vibey modern Middle Eastern restaurant along Peck Seah Street has gained a reputation for providing exceptional dining and drinking experiences. Part of the restaurant group Dandy Collection, Fat Prince shares the philosophy of The Better Drinking Culture – an initiative aimed at changing consumers’ tastes and their relationship with alcohol consumption. To reduce its impact on the environment, the restaurant uses a sustainable Nordic water filtration system for all water orders. It’s also committed to only using biodegradable straws and biodegrading packaging whenever possible.

Join us in creating The Bar World of Tomorrow

The future starts today

It is crucial to dispel the myth that there exists an ultimate level of sustainability in bartending. As these three extraordinary bars have exemplified, sustainability is an ongoing creative pursuit – a continuous quest for improvement.

The bar industry has recently faced numerous challenges, from pandemic-related lockdowns to soaring rents and ingredient costs. In this time of uncertainty, The Bar World of Tomorrow has identified four key pillars: ingredients, service, bar, and staff. This comprehensive programme aims to train 10,000 bartenders by 2023, equipping them with the skills necessary to navigate the industry's challenges in a sustainable manner, ultimately setting them up for success in the future.

Become a part of The Bar World of Tomorrow, today. Together, we can shape a greener and more sustainable bar industry for generations to come.


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