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Editor's note: The Time Out Singapore Christmas issue

Editor's note: The Time Out Singapore Christmas issue

I’ll admit it: I never was a fan of X’mas. It’s hardly as magical in real life as those movies that local TV programmers believe essential to the season (I’m looking at you, Home Alone). Where are my sleighs, reindeer and flasks of hot mulled wine to stave off the bone-biting cold of winter? Don’t tell me I’ve been nice all this while for nothing.

But the older I get, the more the Yuletide cheer rubs off on me. There are too many things to do on the island during this time of year. Parties, concerts, carolling sessions and even a few make-believe winter wonderlands will turn even the most angsty Grinch suckers for Santa. It can all get a little overwhelming – so check out our ultimate guide to Christmas to get all your festive needs sorted and then some.

If you’re more a stay-at-home reveller, check out our picks for the best Christmas decorations that will turn your abode into a festive dream – with or without Macaulay Culkin. And for those who’ve racked up one too many naughty points, we’ve corralled five charity events so you can do a bit of good.

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jack j

I was thinking about where to enjoy Christmas and decided to go on a tour with my family after my Niagara Falls tour by but after reading your blog I have changed my plane to have some fun at home and donate some money for charity events. I think it will be a nice experience for me to do so.