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Enjoy free whisky and chocolate pairings at Whisky Live on us!

Marou Chocolates from Hello Chocolate

On November 12 and 13, join us at the Time Out Singapore booth at Whisky Live to sample a selection of Amrut spirits – a rum and a whisky – paired with Marou chocolates. Pairing the spirits with chocolate is a tricky task as both have bold, unique flavours that can overpower and change each other's tastes.

We teamed up with Dmitry Minkov, founder of Hello Chocolate, to help us out. After trying more than ten different types of chocolate, we settled on the combinations of Amrut Indian Single Malt with Marou Tien Giang, and the Amrut Two Indies Rum with Marou Lam Dong. Both are single-origin dark chocolates. Hailed by the New York Times as 'the best chocolate you've never tasted', Marou chocolates are produced on the outskirts of Ho Chi Minh City using handpicked beans from around Vietnam – so here's your chance to say that you've actually tried these prized bars.

Whisky and chocolate

The Amrut Indian Single Malt is made from Punjabi malted barley and is characterised by notes of spice and ripe fruit. It brings out the richness of Marou Tien Giang (it's 70 percent dark chocolate), highlighting notes of coconut and cinnamon. While the bar has a tart, acidic profile on its own, this is balanced by the whisky, bringing out a rich bitter and nutty taste instead.

Rum and chocolate

For something lighter, we've paired the Amrut Two Indies Rum with the Marou Lam Dong, a 74 percent dark choc. Produced by the Indian Amrut distillery from rums made in the Indies and the Caribbean (specifically from Jamaica, Guyana and Barbados), the Two Indies Rum is sweet and bears notes of tropical fruits and liquorice. So the chocolate should not be overwhelmingly bitter that it masks the mellowness of the rum. The Marou Lam Dong's mild hazelnut and caramel flavour complements the sweetness of the spirit, whose finish is enhanced by the chocolate's light and floral aftertaste.

Look for us at Whisky Live 2016 on Nov 12 & 13.