How to be awesome - March issue out now

Written by
Iliyas Ong

So you want to be a Sith Lord. Or an urban explorer. Or a flower mistress who sneers at pre-made bouquets like Marie Antoinette does at cake. Well, you’ve come to the right place. In this issue’s cover story, we canvass the island for clubs, classes and communities you can join to make better use of your time than croaking at trash TV shows from your couch. 

If you’d rather enjoy the fruits of someone else’s labour, check out Singapore Design Week. Exhibitions, design trails, studio visits and more will open your eyes to the local design scene – and it’s not just for those who can tell their Helvetica from their Arial (seriously, who cares?) 

Speaking of events, we’ve got two big ones to fill the tummies of the food-obsessed. Dine Out is our very own gastronomic affair, where 15 of the city’s top restaurants and bars come together to serve up their best dishes.

For a boozier experience, Singapore Cocktail Week gets a flight of top bars to shake up special drinks exclusive to the fiesta.

So what’re you waiting for? Head out! That butt-shaped depression on your sofa’s getting a little too deep. 

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