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This ‘extra pure’ brandy is Singaporean


And it’s called FIVE XP. Conceptualised in the Lion City by wine distributor Richfield Brands and Services, the brandy is the product of six years of work – and it's certainly not a bottle you’ll find in your grandfather’s liquor cabinet.

But to be clear, the burnished gold digestif is made in Germany. It’s the source of the Riesling grapes used to give the FIVE XP a sweet, wine-ish profile, unlike the more common Ugni Blanc varietal. The spirit is also distilled at a far lower temperature – the brand claims this preserves the purity and flavours of the wine distillate, hence the ‘extra pure’ label – than other cognacs before being aged in oak barrels for six years.

The result is a full-flavoured yet easy-to-drink tipple that doesn’t scorch the throat as it goes down. Bouquets of walnut and prune give way to a smooth, refined body and a short finish. At $300 for a 500-mililitre bottle, though, it ain’t cheap.

FIVE XP is available for order via email or call Richfield Brands and Services at 6764 9463.