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With over 15 years of experience treating skin concerns in France and across Europe, EstheClinic now offers advanced aesthetic treatments in Singapore. Each programme promises to be effective, painless and non-invasive, allowing you to see both immediate and lasting results.

Its star treatment is the Smooth and Glow IPL Body Perfection (from $90/session), which removes unwanted hair while evening out skin tone. This IPL treatment passes high-intensity pulses of light over the skin every second – a much quicker process than traditional IPL that manually delivers one pulse per area. You'll be in and out of the treatment room in 10 minutes or less. The device also does not have the 'rubber band-snapping' sensation typical of other IPL machines, making for a more enjoyable experience. Hair will slowly start to shed after a week, resulting in about a 10% reduction in body hair per treatment. It usually takes ten to 12 sessions for complete body hair removal.

For people looking for a quick fix to problematic skin, EstheClinic's Three Days to Instant Youth programme (from $990) smooths, firms and hydrates almost immediately, leaving you with tighter and brighter skin from the moment you get out of the chair. Marketed as an anti-ageing solution, the programme is also good for people with stubborn acne scars and pigmentation as it increases skin regeneration. The five-step facial is repeated over three consecutive days. On the first and third day, skin is treated to a thermo-controlled radiofrequency procedure for 40 minutes before the therapist uses a micro-needling device that will help the skin better absorb the serum. Cold light is then used on the face to activate new collagen formation, which results in tighter skin. All steps are repeated on the second day except the radiofrequency treatment. Results last for up to six months – so kiss your fillers and botox injections goodbye.

Have problems with stubborn cellulite on your tummy or thighs? Estheclinic's Intensive Body Perfection Programme (from $320) is here to help. Its lipocavitation machine uses ultrasound to target and break down stubborn fat cells, while the thermo-controlled radiofrequency treatment tightens loose skin. The fat cells are then passed out naturally through the body once they've been broken down, so you can expect to shed a couple of kilograms, too. Each pain-free session lasts for about an hour, and should be repeated every week over five weeks for the best results. The treated area will be visibly smoother after the first treatment, and you can expect to look and feel more toned by the last session.


Nicole-Marie Ng
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Nicole-Marie Ng


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