Ultra Singapore

How to survive a music festival in Singapore

With Ultra Singapore coming in a not-so-future distant, here’s a guide to maximise your music festival experience. You’re welcome.

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Music festivals have dominated Singapore for quite some time now, so prepping up for full days of scorching hot sun (and the occasional rain), navigating the sundry of acts to catch, and dealing with crazy crowds are essential. In time for Ultra Singapore, here’s how to maximise your EDM experience and survive this massive music jamboree.

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Agree on a meeting point

First things first, round the mates up and decide on a meeting point just in case a member slips out lost – and hopefully, not – forever. There’s nothing worse than having no service or a full-on dead phone. Tip: food and drink stalls, big signs, art installations and anything distinctive is your best bet in any SOS situation.

Pack wisely

To avoid any situation where you lose your festival companion and your phone just died, remember to pack a fully-charged portable charger that has enough juice to resurrect your fallen phone. Also, when it comes to packing, stick to smaller clear bags like crossbodies, bum bags or mini backpacks, and don’t overpack! Necessities include festival tickets, wallets, phones, keys and portable phone chargers. 


Load up with sun protectors

The Singapore sun can be merciless, so prep up with a pair of polarised sunglasses (these neutralise glare and deflect harmful UV light), a hat and sunscreen.

Stay hydrated

With loads of dancing in the heat, the last thing you want to do at a festival is pass out and miss the whole set due to exhaustion. To keep your hydration levels on point, drink loads of water before entering the gates. Note that no outside beverage or bottles are allowed into the premises, so you’ll just have to grab one inside. We know what you’re thinking, and no, alcohol is not a wise sub for water.


Be alert of your surroundings

It’s guaranteed that the loud music blaring through the massive speakers will cut one of your senses out. Therefore, being able to hear your friend shout your name from a distant as clear as day is unlikely. Recce the area before things get hectic, and once you’re stuck in the crowd, make a 360 degree observation to know ensure that you’re not getting elbowed or poked by glow sticks.

Do your research

Check out the full line-up, as well as their set times and designated stages beforehand. Do some planning if you wish to see multiple acts across the different stages. Plus, pumping yourself up with a playlist of their songs while waiting for the festival day to come doesn’t hurt one bit.


Keep an open mind

Don’t just wait on the headliners. Be open and discover new DJs and artists you haven’t heard of – you might even like their music. Festivals are also ace for making new friends and interacting with other people. Face it: you have something in common and that’s great taste in music. Remember to embrace new experiences.

Hack your way to the front

Sometimes you have to squeeze through to get the best view. Here some old tricks in the book – going to the side of the stage and weaving in. Pointing hysterically, claiming your friend is waiting for you in front. Getting your small friend to lead the pushing. Alternatively, you can move forward with a “sorry, excuse me,” – just make sure you’re loud enough to be heard.


Have fun

What’s a festival without good vibes? Go on then, wear something crazy, but comfortable and appropriate (cultural appropriation is a big no-no, ladies and gents). Get a couple of cool merch, DIY posters and glow sticks, and just let your hair down.

Leave early

To avoid crowded public transports, busy roads or long waits for your Grab car or taxi, make a speedy getaway when you can. This is also essential for post-festival morale, especially once the bash is well and truly over.

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