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Interview: Xhin on 'Xhin'

We chat with local techno maven Xhin about his new, guitar-driven LP

He’s got two turntables and a... distortion pedal. Xhin is one of the more cutting-edge techno DJs around today – who also happens to be a local kid – so it’s a little strange that his new self-titled album is more likely to fill a mosh pit than dancefloor. Cranked-up-to-11 metal courses through its tracks, and we catch up with the man to find out why.

'I don’t like what people are doing and I certainly don’t want to do the same.'

You’ve said that this album is a very personal one. How so?

Yes, I thought I’d make
 something for just my own listening pleasure. I don’t listen to dance music at home – or have it on my phone – but I love the sound and capabilities of the guitar. So I thought, ‘Why not just do guitars?’

Have you always been intrigued by the guitar?

I started playing when I was 12. Guitars came first in my life before dance music. I grew up with Black Sabbath, Led Zeppelin and Iron Maiden. In school, I even played in a band. 

How did you develop your distinct electronic sound, though? 

I love gear and I am a rebel. I don’t like what people are doing and I certainly don’t want to do the same. I’ve always been drawn to weird stuff, so I try to make my music weird. I always knew I wouldn’t sell my music much
 so I didn’t care about pleasing people. And over time, people just grew curious about this dude with the weird name.

How do you feel now that anyone can be a DJ? 

Anyone can be a DJ, but not everyone can be a good DJ or performer. You can produce good music but that doesn’t mean you’re a good DJ, and vice versa. If you want people to know you, you have to make music that people like and it’s tough. You need to have the whole package. 


Xhin is out now on xhin.bandcamp.com

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By: Indran Paramasivam