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Photo: Lenne Chai

52 Weeks of #ExcitingSG: Week 6 with Jawn


Welcome to Time Out Singapore's 52 Weeks of #ExcitingSG – our commitment to showing you the best of what's going on in the city this week. Every Monday, a guest writer who's "in" with the scene shares a recommendation on what to see, eat, do or buy in the city. This week, we chat with homegrown singer-songwriter Jawn who's headlining this year's edition of CITY65 Music Festival happening on March 31.

What gets you excited about Singapore?

The food! Okay but honestly, I think we need to understand how special it is to live in a place that offers 24/7 McDonald’s delivery. All of human history has culminated in my 2am Double McSpicy and it is a feat we should all be proud of.

Where would you go to get inspiration for your music?

I find long commutes useful for discovering new music. Most of the writing though is done in the safety of my room. Sometimes I take hikes around places like MacRitchie and Mount Faber to help me process things. 

Any venue recommendations for musicians who want to have a jam session?

If you’re an acoustic guitarist like me, definitely check out Heirlooms. The boutique vintage stores got beautiful guitars, excellent coffee and friendly people. Also, it’s very near Chomp Chomp, which sells the most excellent sugarcane juice!

Do you have a favourite music store in Singapore?

Again, Heirlooms! For most music lovers, the second-hand market of guitars and pedals is your best friend. There’s always a constant turnover of gear and it’s quite common that you find what you’re looking for if you wait long enough. Places like Carousell, Soft, are good for these.

You’ll be headlining the Living Room stage at the CITY65 Music Festival. Tell us more about the concert.

The festival’s the brainchild of Mike, who’s always had a heart for discovering amazing new acts and showcasing the talent we’ve got here in Singapore. I’m just a small part of a larger picture of celebrating music that’s made here in all forms, regardless of whether it’s off-trend, eclectic, safe, or what-have-you. Good music will find a way to speak to people – this is just one of those avenues.

Any acts you excited to see then?

I’m really excited to watch the Steve McQueens again. They’re honestly one of Singapore’s best! 

What else can others expect at CITY65?

There’s going to be food, a competitive eating competition, a beer-themed assault course, more beer, and awesome music all day. You’ll get to make friends, check out a whole bunch of new music and have a great time.

Are there any upcoming events that you’re looking forward to?

Joie Tan’s album launch on April 11. Don't say I bojio!

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