Bird Paradise to take flight in 2023 – look forward to over 400 types of birds in the new park

Walk-through eight large aviaries housing over 3,000 birds

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A new park dedicated to birds will open in the second quarter of 2023, per Mandai Wildlife Group. This iconic experience will replace Jurong Bird Park when it closes after 52 years on January 3.

Bird Paradise, the new 17-hectare park, will be home to over 3,000 birds from over 400 avian species. Visitors can learn more about the birds through eight large walk-through aviaries reflecting different biomes of the world, namely African rainforests, South African wetlands, Southeast Asian paddy fields and the Australian dry eucalypt forest. 

Photograph: Mandai Wildlife Group
Photograph: Mandai Wildlife Group

The new bird park is also designed to emphasise environments inspired by different ecologies and habitats, the natural behaviours of birds and the unique avian adaptations found across species.

And another piece of good news, you don’t need to travel out anymore if you wish to visit the Singapore Zoo or River Safari afterwards. Bird Paradise will be in the same premises: Mandai Wildlife Reserve.

Key highlights

Bird Paradise

A key highlight of Bird Paradise is the Heart of Africa. The largest walk-in aviary is modelled after forested valleys of Africa. Visitors will be led into a dense misty forest complete with meandering streams, where they can also observe birds displaying their natural behaviours. The habitat also features a Bee-eater’s Cliff where visitors can watch bee-eater species diving and swooping to catch insects mid-air.

Wings of Asia

Another highlight is Wings of Asia – a stunning recreation of tranquil bamboo forests and sloping rice terraces. It pays homage to the diverse forests of Southeast Asia. Catch pheasants scouring the undergrowth for food and hornbills soaring above the trees. More than just for aesthetic purposes, the terraces also create a unique ecosystem for endangered birds like the Baer’s Pochard and endangered Milky Stork.

Penguin Cove

At the Penguin Cove, you’ll get to see the fascinating behaviours of the Gentoo Penguin, King Penguin, and Humboldt Penguin. The cold saltwater habitat is designed to facilitate the natural behaviours of the aquatic birds. Additionally, the cove also features a sustainable dining experience immersed in an underwater environment with the penguins.

Photograph: Mandai Wildlife Group
Photograph: Mandai Wildlife Group

Other activities

Other highlights of Bird Paradise include the Crimson Wetlands, where you get to see an Instagram-worthy cascading waterfall and colourful macaws feeding, and the Australian Outback, which will be home to different species including the cockatoos, pigeons and Lorikeets.

Educational programmes and interactive touch points are also part of the features of Bird Paradise. Visitors get to interact with the birds and find out more about the real-life threats faced by the various species. 

Photograph: Mandai Wildlife Group
Photograph: Mandai Wildlife Group

In a bid to be sustainable, solar panels will be implemented on roof spaces and over 5,000 trees will be planted to provide shade for visitors.

The avian residents will be relocated to Bird Paradise following Jurong Bird Park’s official last day of operations on Jan 3, 2023. 


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