Café Kitsuné Singapore launches seasonal matcha items, and merch featuring new Barista Fox mascot

You have until the end of March to try the limited-time matcha menu

Rachel Yohannan
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Rachel Yohannan
Cafe Kitsune matcha menu Singapore
Photograph: Rachel Yohannan/Time Out

 Ever since finally opening an outlet in Singapore less than one and a half years ago – after the success of more than 20 other outposts worldwide – Café Kitsuné has drawn in steady crowds hankering for a taste of their coffee, pastries, and iconic fox-shaped sable cookies. While the queues have become less crazy over time, here’s a new reason to make a beeline to the café by French-Japanese fashion label Maison Kitsuné: their new matcha series.

These matcha treats are a seasonal launch, and they’ll only be available in Singapore for a limited period of time until March 31, 2024. Here's our review.

Café Kitsuné’s limited-time matcha items – are they worth your buck?

Cafe Kitsune Singapore
Photograph: Café Kitsuné

Though on the slightly pricey side, the matcha strawberry shortcake ($14) is an easy crowd-pleaser, with moist matcha sponge sandwiching mascarpone cream. The ensemble is topped with fresh cut strawberries and a matcha fox cookie. Leaving us wanting more with each creamy bite, this cake is one we’d be eager to drop our cash on again before it gets taken off the menu – and we sure won’t be sharing portions this time.

For a smaller snack, try the matcha coco madeleines ($5.50) – buttery, honeyed bakes dipped in matcha chocolate coating, and topped with a dollop of gula melaka and coconut flakes. Although the chocolate coating would be perfect if just a tad softer, the flavours still pair well overall. If you think this tastes like ondeh ondeh in madeleine form, you’re not wrong – such local touches are not accidental, and are also present in the café’s decor such as the Peranakan-inspired tiling.

Cafe Kitsune matcha strawberry shortcake Singapore
Photograph: Rachel Yohannan/Time Out

Complete the matcha experience with a hot matcha latte ($7.50) or the 3 Layers Matcha drink ($9), the latter of which is an elevated version of your typical iced matcha latte. It’s named as such because it comprises not just pure matcha, but also matcha mascarpone cream and coconut milk – the secret to how it’s super rich and milky with a distinct matcha flavour. True matcha aficionados who crave that pleasant bitter kick are sure to approve.

There’s also a new Barista Fox shortbread cookie ($5) bearing the likeness of Café Kitsuné’s brand new fox mascot printed atop a layer of fondant cream. Though this bite-sized morsel is cute in appearance, you’re better off munching on it after peeling the thick and overwhelmingly sweet icing off. The cookie itself could also be a more buttery, so we see this as more of a novelty item suitable for gifting rather than a must-try to grab off the shelf.

In light of the recent GST hike, you’ll be glad to hear that all prices stated above are inclusive of GST, though they exclude service charge.

New Barista Fox merchandise at Café Kitsuné, with prices

Cafe Kitsune Barista Fox merchandise Singapore
Photograph: Rachel Yohannan/Time Out

While fox motifs have been a constant for the brand, the anthropomorphic mascot that is the playful Barista Fox is a first. This new character can be found on Café Kitsuné’s new line of merchandise, which includes coffee cups ($75), mugs ($50), t-shirts, a scented candle ($75), tote bags, and a green steel water bottle ($95).

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