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Clap for front-line workers tonight from your window in Singapore

Nicole-Marie Ng

Inspired by #ClapforNHS in the United Kingdom, British expat Martin Verga wants to bring the movement to Singapore with Clap For #SGUnited. He calls for everyone living in Singapore to clap loudly on Monday, March 30 at 8pm – be it from their windows or balconies – to show love, support and appreciation for everyone working on the front line. This includes "doctors, nurses, carers, emergency services, delivery workers, warehouse workers, cleaners, supermarket staff and everyone else keeping Singapore safe and stocked," he writes in his Facebook event page.

There are currently more than 1,800 people interested in the event, where he writes: "I could not be prouder to live and work in a country where the government has been applauded on the worldwide stage for its response to the COVID-19 outbreak. The transparency of what is happening in Singapore with daily updates from keeping the population informed with honesty and integrity makes living through this ongoing crisis easier and more comfortable. For this, they should definitely be included in the clap!"

He also tells Time Out that he decided to start this campaign because "the sense of community in Singapore has always amazed him". And he hopes that front liners get to experience something magical tonight.

Similar displays of gratitude have taken place across Europe and America, with people taking to their windows to clap and whistle in support of healthcare workers. Not sure how it's done? Check out these videos from London and Madrid for inspiration:

Will you participate? Send us clips of your neighborhood doing it!

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