Climb the magnificent architectural Clock Tower that offers scenic views of the city

Explore the 54-metre Clock Tower and its history while taking in the famous sights of Singapore

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Victoria Theatre and Concert Hall
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Take in views of the island city from a different perspective, this time, via access to Victoria Theatre and Concert Hall where guests have the opportunity to climb the grand Clock Tower.

The Clock Tower Climb invites you to explore the building’s history, architecture, new installations, and learn more about the Clock Tower itself. During this one-hour tour, you get to see the mechanism up-close and learn more about the clock’s history and its role in Singapore for over 150 years, and of course, earn yourself major bragging rights to your friends when you gather this interesting information.

The memorable tour includes a stop at the Victoria Theatre, which went through renovations and refurbishment in 2014. Known for its neoclassical facade and state-of-the-art facilities, the wooden-looking panels on the new Victoria Theatre walls are made of cast-iron components recycled from theatre chairs from the 1950s.

It is important to throw on comfortable walking shoes as the climb to the top of the 54-metre Clock Tower is not an easy feat – expect steep climbs and two cat ladders. Aside from the panting, the walk down the tower can be slightly unnerving for those with acrophobia. Visitors are also advised to don safety helmets throughout the tour and slippers are not allowed for safety reasons. 

At the top of the tower, soak in the glorious views of the city and take all the OOTDs you need while immersing yourself in history. There, you will also be greeted with five majestic bells, weighing 5000 kg in total. These bells have played the same Westminster jingle since 1905, chiming every 15 minutes. They complete the full melody every hour. 

Not only does this wondrous experience offer you an interesting space to snap photos, but you also get to explore a historical site that is brimming with educational opportunities. So, think of it as a handy two-in-one trip. 

Book your trip to the clock tower here, and let those Hunchback of Notre Dame fantasies come true.

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