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Wolf Burgers Gong Cha
Photograph: @burgersbywolf/ Instagram

Gong Cha makes a comeback through Wolf Burger’s delivery service

The great bubble tea drought of 2020 has lifted

Fabian Loo

It seems like the eternal battle between which bubble tea reigns supreme is not going to let up any time soon. With news that Koi is now available through Grain’s delivery service, another major brand has decided to stage a comeback. This time, Gong Cha is teaming up with homegrown burger joint Wolf Burgers.

But before you go crazy (like the fateful night where you queued for half an hour for one last sip of bubble tea), know that you might not find your go-to Gong Cha order on the menu. Only a handful of its drinks are available for purchase: the pearl milk tea ($4.50), taro drink ($4.70), brown sugar fresh milk with pearl ($5.60), and QQ passionfruit green tea ($5.20). Toppings cannot be modified, and the only thing you can customise is the level of sugar. 

Also on the takeaway menu are Wolf Burgers’ signature creations: the Original Wolf Burger ($9.90) layered with sweet onions, cheddar, lettuce, and tomatoes; the Truffled Mushroom Beef ($10.90) with added provolone cheese; Wasabi Fried Fish ($10.90) where a golden fish fillet is dizzied with wasabi mayonnaise; and the Salted Egg Chicken Burger ($9.90). Rather than the usual burgers and booze, you now have the option to wash down your greasy stack with some milk tea instead. Grab one of its exclusive set meals with your choice of Wolf Burger and a Gong Cha beverage from $16.90.

To get in on this burger and boba bandwagon, place your orders via GrabFood or Wolf Burger’s website.

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