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McDonald's jumps on the sustainable bandwagon with sippy lids for cold beverages

Ditch the plastic straws for a better planet.

Written by
Izza Sofia

McDonald’s has jumped on the sustainable bandwagon with its latest move to finally go strawless.

On Facebook, the fast-food establishment announced that cold beverages would come with sippy lids as part of its collective movement towards a greener planet.

This initiative is part of McDonald's One Last Straw sustainability effort, with an aim towards having zero waste for a better planet. Unfortunately, the move has been met with mixed reactions, with some claiming that the use of sippy lids utilise the same amount of plastic. A few patrons, however, applauded this move, proud that a huge corporation is taking a firm stance toward achieving a better and more sustainable future. 

Others have been rather sceptical, stating that McDonald’s should do further in their environmental efforts as the fast-food restaurant is known to use multiple plastic bags when wrapping food. They also highlighted that the chain should cut down on the usage of plastic mainly for its sauce and condiment containers. Some customers raised the issue of drinking milkshakes and frappes and whether the sippy lids would hinder the drinking experience.

For those with special needs, fret not, cause McDonald’s assured that you may still get straws from the front counter when needed.

Back in 2019, 10 McDonald’s outlets did a pilot trial where single-use plastic items, namely plastic bags, saucers and McFlurry cups were replaced with sustainable counterparts. At these outlets, food-grade paper packaging and stirrers made of food-grade wood material were incorporated. 

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