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Photograph: Lisheng Chang on Unsplash

Thailand announces quarantine-free travel for vaccinated visitors from Singapore and other countries

Don't let the extended restrictions get you down – here's more uplifting news

Dewi Nurjuwita
Written by
Dewi Nurjuwita

The news about easing restrictions in Singapore have been less-than-stellar lately, but don't let it get you down. We come bearing good news. After announcements that Bali has eased restrictions for tourists from selected countries to travel quarantine-free, yet another neighbouring country has opened its borders up to tourists. And this time, Singaporeans are welcome. 

Thailand has just announced that it will drop quarantine requirements for fully vaccinated visitors from ten low-risk countries from November 1. These countries are the United States, the United Kingdom, Canada, Germany, China, Singapore and Malaysia.

Under the new arrangement, arrivals from these countries will need to present a negative Covid-19 PCR test before they depart for Thailand and do another test when they arrive, according to the Tourism Authority of Thailand. Those who are negative will be free to move and travel around Thailand. 

Visitors from countries not on the approved list can still travel to Thailand but will have to follow other strict Covid-19 requirements such as travelling under the Sandbox model, which allows fully vaccinated tourists from about 70 countries to travel to Thailand without quarantining. However, they'll have to stay in designated areas – Phuket, Phang-Nga, Surat Thani, Krabi or other approved destinations – for at least seven days before travelling to other parts of the country.

This is definitely exciting news, seeing how Thailand is a much-loved holiday destination for Singaporeans. Granted, you'll still have to serve SHN when you arrive home and check updated travel measures while planning your return. 

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