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Photograph: Wildlife Reserves Singapore

Watch this heartwarming video of the orangutans in Singapore Zoo playing with bubbles

Orangutans too can have fun during this stay home period

Delfina Utomo
Written by
Delfina Utomo

We can bet your stay-at-home activities aren't as fun as this family's. Although all the parks under Wildlife Reserves Singapore have suspended operations, the animals are still being taken care of every day by the dedicated staff. From this adorable video shared on Facebook, the orangutans at Singapore Zoo are definitely in good spirits. As a treat, the zookeepers blew them a cascade of bubbles during their playtime. Watch as the orangutans perk up and get on their feet, chasing bubbles – and even attempting to eat them.

Some fun facts from the zookeepers: the lazy orangutan catching bubbles while lying down in the video is Satria, the youngest son of the beloved Ah Meng. The feisty ape at the end of the video is Bino, her great-grandson. 

These activities are fun initiatives from the zookeepers to keep the animals in the parks mentally stimulated and physically active. They've also recently brought the penguins around the park to play tourist.

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